Here's How to Get Clearer Skin for Swimsuit Season (Spoiler: It Comes with a Free Gift)

Banish acne from head to toe with Proactiv Solution's 3-Step Acne Treatment System, which now comes with a super-effective kit for treating acne on your body as well as your face. With this tried-and-true acne-fighting regimen, you'll be ready to hit the beach worry-free.

Your Key to Clearer Skin: Proactiv Solution

Don't let embarrassing body acne get you down. Instead, banish it with the Proactiv Solution 3-Step Acne Treatment System. You can help achieve clear, healthy-looking skin thanks to Proactiv's tried-and-true three-step kit, which includes a cleanser, a toner, and a repairing treatment. Bonus: Right now, your Proactiv order comes with the Body Clearing Summer Duo (a blemish-fighting body wash and body scrubbing brush), as a free gift.

Step 1: To set your skin up for success, it's vital to have a solid cleansing routine—and this includes washing your face every morning (and night!) with a great product, like Proactiv's Renewing Cleanser. Featuring benzoyl peroxide as the star acne-fighting ingredient, the formula was specifically created to shrink zits, clear out dead skin buildup, and reduce shine and excess oil on acne-prone skin. Simply dampen your face and massage the cleanser into your skin with your fingertips for a couple of minutes, then rinse and pat dry to reveal fresh, glowing skin. Think of it as a small moment of self-care to enjoy every morning.

Step 2: The Revitalizing Toner can be used after cleansing for an even deeper clean. It uses witch hazel—a skincare super-ingredient—to clean pores and replenish skin, so you have a smooth base for everything that comes after (from moisturizer to primer to foundation). Use it both morning and night after cleansing by applying a small amount to a cotton pad and gently applying it on your face. After it dries, you should notice cleaner and softer skin.

Step 3: The final step in Proactiv's everyday three-step routine is the ultra-essential Repairing Treatment. Formulated with a strong dose of benzoyl peroxide, it's key to treating existing acne and preventing new blemishes from forming. Cover skin in a thin layer of the Repairing Treatment after cleansing and toning, gradually building up from one use per day to two or three per day as needed (and as your skin gets used to the product). But remember—while your skin is being treated with the Repairing formula, it's absolutely crucial to protect it by using a moisturizer with SPF, since benzoyl peroxide makes skin extra-sensitive to the sun.

What's more, all Proactiv kits this summer come with the free bonus gift of clear skin all over your body, too—thanks to the Body Clearing Summer Duo. The mini kit includes the Deep Cleansing Wash to lather up with in the shower, and a brush to help you target hard-to-reach areas (like your back) that you might otherwise miss. With the addition of these body acne-fighting products, you can say goodbye to pesky bacne for good. The set also includes a small bottle of Proactiv's super soothing Green Tea Moisturizer, so you can give the delicate skin on your face the hydration it needs.

Prepare to hit the pool looking and feeling your best this year thanks to Proactiv's acne-banishing solutions. Because all you should be focused on this summer is finding the perfect bikini and mixing the ultimate tropical drink—not worrying about breakouts.