I Replaced My Skincare Routine With Walmart's New Beauty Line for 4 Days—Here's What Happened

Does Earth to Skin (Walmart's new natural, clean beauty line) really live up to the hype? I replaced my normal skincare routine with it for four days to find out.

About Earth to Skin

Earth to Skin is Walmart's new cruelty-free skincare line, centered around clean, natural ingredients (read: no parabens, petroleum or sulfates). It includes everything you need to totally overhaul your routine, from cleansers and moisturizers to fun extras like masks and eye creams—all for under $10. The skincare line includes four totally customizable collections: the brightening and glow-boosting Super Fruits collection; the moisturizing and soothing Honey collection; the tightening and anti-aging Tea Time collection; and the nourishing and detoxing Super Greens collection. Whether you stick to one collection or mix-and-match between the four, you can feel good knowing you're using wallet-friendly products that pack a powerful punch.

My Honest Thoughts

After hearing about this new line, I had to try Earth to Skin myself to see if it was really worth the hype. Spoiler: It totally is. As a bit of background: I'm a self-proclaimed skincare junkie who's typically drawn to higher-end, higher-price tag items. It usually takes a lot for me to be impressed by a drugstore product—until I tried Earth to Skin. Not only is my complexion totally loving its natural ingredients, but my wallet is loving its budget-friendly price point too.

I tested each of Earth to Skin's four collections over the course of four days, dedicating each day to one collection. I began with the Honey collection, since my skin had been feeling a bit dry, depleted and in need of some serious hydration. And yep, my skin got it. I was actually in awe of just how moisturizing the Honey line was, from the luxurious Manuka Calming Face Cleanser to the rich Manuka Calming Night Cream and (my personal favorite), the soothing and plumping Royal Jelly Calming Eye Cream. As an added bonus, I treated myself to the Royal Jelly Sheet Mask post-shower, which left my skin feeling oh-so-smooth and totally hydrated. When I woke up the next morning I couldn't believe how glowy and moisturized my complexion was—a total win for dry, sensitive skin types.

The next day, I tested the Super Fruits collection, the line I was most excited to try. I'm all about glowy, bright skin, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on products like the vitamin C-packed Watermelon All Over Serum or the brightening and nourishing Avocado Overnight Mask. These two products exceeded my expectations and I even discovered new products in the line I loved too. The lightly-scented Banana Brightening Eye Cream had a creamy texture, and soaked right into my under-eye area without leaving a chalky white cast (a problem I've experienced with other eye creams). The Brightening Citrus Day Cream had a lovely gel formula that melted into my skin without feeling sticky—leaving my face plump, hydrated, and makeup-ready.

On the third day I felt like my skin needed a little extra detoxifying TLC, so I tried the Super Greens collection. This line is amazing for ridding your skin of impurities and filling it with a healthy dose of vitamins, thanks to refreshing ingredients like cucumber, green pumpkin, and aloe vera. I loved the Cucumber Jelly Mask for a calming, refreshing treat at the end of a long day, and followed it up with the Nourishing Night Gel Cream to wake up with soft, replenished skin.

Finally, on the last day I tested the Tea Time collection, which I had been putting off because, frankly, I wasn't sure an anti-aging line would have much of an effect on my 20-something skin. Although this line is focused on anti-aging, I still enjoyed using the brightening products, from the gentle Anti Aging Face Cleanser and the soothing Anti Aging Face Toner to the luxurious Anti Aging White Tea Day Cream, both of which tightened and refined my pores. Pro tip: If you're not sure if you want to commit to a full-size bottle of product, try a Starter Set, like I did with the Tea Time collection.

Overall, I was honestly blown away with how good these products were, especially given their sub-$10 prices. They even convinced me to forgo my high-end skincare products for a few days—and I'll definitely be incorporating a few of these Earth to Skin products into my permanent routine. If you're looking for clean, natural skincare that won't break the bank, look no further than Earth to Skin.