Our Editors' Favorite Dry Shampoos Just in Time for Summer

If you've just accomplished a major sweat sesh at the gym or skipped washing your hair this morning, don't stress you can still have clean hair when you grab one of our editors' favorite dry shampoos.

Can of Dove volume and fullness dry shampoo. photo

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Very Voluminous

No one likes having flat hair, but now there's a simple way to get the voluminous look you desire without having to tease your roots, which can be damaging in the long run. Dove has created a collection of Refresh + Care dry shampoos that soak up oil to avoid appearing greasy all while making your locks look full and alive. Even though it's great for a quick cleanse, you can also use it to make styling a cinch to save yourself time in the morning. ($4; target.com)

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Simple Detox

It doesn't matter what type of hair you have when it comes to this lifesaver. The Drybar detox dry shampoo has everyone's back with their spray-in powder. It actually puts moisture in your roots instead of taking everything out in order to help reduce dryness. If you fall in love with this shampoo you're going to want to pair it with their Triple Sec 3-in-1 to give yourself the full treatment. ($23; thedrybar.com)

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Charcoal can of Living Proof dry shampoo. photo

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Gym Hair, Don't Care

If you're the type of person who likes to get their workout in during the morning hours then you're going to want a product that gets rid of sweat and unwanted odors. The Living Proof dry shampoo is a must-have for your gym bag. Not only will it absorb oils like other formulas, but it'll also have you leaving the locker room smelling fresh and clean so you can go about your day without needing to take a 15 minute shower. ($23; livingproof.com)

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Blue and white can of Not Your Mother's texturizing dry shampoo. photo

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Beach Waves All Day

Whether you're heading out to soak up the sun or just want to switch up your style, you can get beautiful beach waves anytime thanks to this Not Your Mother's dry shampoo. Give your hair a few sprays, run your fingers through it, and you'll be walking out the door with an effortless look you can rock all day. ($4; target.com)

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Marvelous Mist

Long gone are the days of worrying about residue being left behind in your hair from regular cleansers. With this dry shampoo mist as a part of your routine you won't go a day without feeling and looking your best. It's unique formula doesn't stop at giving your hair a refresh, it'll do the same for your scalp. Pro tip: Before applying make sure to shake the bottle well and hold it 6-8 inches away from your head when spraying. ($28; olivela.com)

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Yellow and green can of DevaCurl dry shampoo. photo

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Cute Curls

We've already covered how you can get perfect beach waves, but now it's time to help out the gals who already have curls. The DevaCurl dry shampoo has natural ingredients such as rice protein, lotus flower, and chia-flaxseed extract to ensure your hair has body while taming frizz. Instead of creating new curls, this formula works to keep things all-natural by enhancing what you already have. ($22; kapulet.com)

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Can of brilliant blonde Batiste dry shampoo. photo

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Complementing Your Hair Color

Finally, there is a line of products that are geared toward different hair colors. Batiste has done everyone a favor by coming out with their Hint of Color dry shampoo line that features cleansers for blondes, brunettes, and ladies with dark hair. This shampoo rejuvenates and helps touch up your hair so your roots don't look grown out, while also cutting down on the amount of oil you have. ($9; ulta.com)

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Bottle of Acure dry shampoo. photo

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Acure dry shampoo isn't just about removing dirt and oils, the brand is focused on creating healthy products that don't use harsh chemicals. Having unknown ingredients on a label can be intimidating, but with this dry shampoo formula you can feel comfortable knowing all their products are made with organic ingredients. Bonus: Even though this dry shampoo is all-natural it won't break the bank. ($10; thrivemarket.com)

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