Your Guide to Getting Beach Waves Without the Ocean

Want relaxed beach waves but don't live near the ocean? No problem. Our five-step process will tell you which products to buy and how to use them so you can rock fab hair any time.

Verb Sea Shampoo photo

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Step 1: Shampoo

Fabulous hair starts in the shower. Believe it or not the shampoo you use can make a difference with the style you're wanting to achieve. When it comes to rocking beach waves, you want a product that doesn't weigh down your strands and still enhances volume—insert Sea Shampoo by Verb. This color-safe shampoo adds body while boosting your hair's natural texture so you're left with a trendy, tousled look. Its unique formula contains vitamin B5, sea water, quinoa protein, and seaweed extract to keep your hair hydrated, protected, and clean. Bonus: If you want to try it but prefer using matching products, VERB also makes a Sea Conditioner you're sure to love. ($16;

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Kérastase Spray à Porter texture and heat protectant spray photo

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Step 2: Texturizing Spray

After cleansing it's time to start styling, but before you switch on your hair dryer, you'll want to prep with Kérastase Spray à Porter. This texture spray does more than just create waves. With its UV filter and vitamin E-enriched formula it protects your hair from UV and heat damage. The multi-dimensional spray can be used on wet or dry hair depending on your needs, but for voluminous beach waves we recommend spritzing it on right after the shower to prepare for steps 3 and 4. ($28;

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Salt-free Beach Wave Mousse by Moroccanoil photo

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Step 3: Mousse

Next up: mousse. Your styling tools can only do so much. If you really want to amp up your waves, then use Beach Wave Mousse by Moroccanoil. Infused with argan oil, this mousse nourishes your hair while creating textured beach waves. Plus, its salt-free so you don't have to stress about dehydrating your tresses. Squeeze about a golf-size amount into your hands and add it to your hair starting from mid-length and going to your ends. Don't worry about scrunching either, that part comes next. ($28;

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GHD Air Diffuser in black photo

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Step 4: Air Diffuser

You may be tempted to reach for a curling wand at this point, but don't. You can save time—and your hair—by using an air diffuser instead. The GHD Air Diffuser was designed by top stylists. Its solid bristles are evenly spaced to help lift and separate your strands, giving you natural looking waves. Once you've prepped with the texture spray and styling mousse, attach this miracle worker to your blow dryer and start scrunching away for soft, touchable texture. Pro tip: For extra volume, flip your head upside down while using this diffuser. ($30;

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Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze and Shine Super Spray photo

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Step 5: Hairspray

You've cleansed, prepped, and styled. Now it's time to make sure your waves stay put. Lock them in place with the Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze and Shine Super Spray. Unlike other hairsprays, this product won't leave behind a sticky residue or hinder your hair's natural movement. Instead, its lightweight formula secures strands while also controlling frizz and leaving behind a healthy looking shine. With three different sizes to choose from you can easily select your best fit; however, we recommend the larger as you'll be grabbing this spray anytime you want curls to hold. ($11.50–$25;

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