Your Summer Beauty Blueprints

The sun will be out in full force before you know it, so make sure to use our favorite summer beauty products to protect yourself from the harsh rays and look good while doing it.

Bottle of Simple moisturizer with SPF 15 in a white and green bottle. photo

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Simply Hydrating

Don't let the sun dry you out this summer. Start off your morning by hydrating your skin with a moisturizer that not only fights against dry skin, but protects it as well. Simple face lotion is lightweight and has SPF 15 so you don't have to add an extra layer of sunscreen before doing the rest of your makeup. It's free of added fragrances, which makes it perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. ($10;

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Bottle of medium tone foundation with a white lid and frosty bottom. photo

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Fab Foundation

Whether you're heading out on a hot day to run errands or to get in some exercise, this Fenty Beauty foundation will be your lifesaver. Thanks to the climate-adaptive technology, this medium-coverage cream will last you all day long through sweat and high humidity all while keeping your skin looking flawless and all-natural. Bonus: It's formulated to match 40 different skin tones and is 100 percent cruelty-free. ($34;

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Blue bottle of Surf foam wash shampoo. photo

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Clean & Stylish

We could all use a little more volume, and now with the help of this foam wash shampoo your hair will get a lift without putting in extra products. After a day of being in the pool use this cleanser to wash out the chemicals, and leave your hair feeling soft and healthy. Pro tip: Use it daily with the Surf conditioner for the ultimate clean and textured look. ($26;

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White bottle of Surf creme rinse conditioner. photo

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Catch Some Waves

Now that you've got the volume from the shampoo above, it's time to pair it with this Surf creme rinse conditioner to add a little texture. You'll have natural looking beach waves without needing to use a curling iron and risk damaging your hair—the only heat you'll be needing is from the sun. No matter if you have wavy hair or straight, this is a style you'll be rocking all year round to keep your hair happy, healthy, and smelling like the sea. ($28;

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Bottle of 100+ SPF Neutrogena sunscreen. photo

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Save Your Skin

It's easy for sunscreen to feel dense on your skin, but Neutrogena has the secret to protecting your skin without feeling oily or clogging pores. Their sunscreen is made to be fast absorbing and can be worn under makeup so you can be safe while still feeling confident and looking your best. When applied every two hours this SPF 100+ cream will help prevent sunburns, which can lead to other medical problems in the future. ($13;

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Brown bottle of Lancome self-tanning gel. photo

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Gorgeous Glow

It doesn't matter if you're catching natural UV rays or in a tanning bed, neither option is good for your health. If you want to get a natural glow for the summer opt for the safe solution instead. Lancome flash bronzer is a self tanning lotion that gives you a darker skin tone without the harmful effects. Pro tip: To get the best results we recommend exfoliating, then using a tanning mitt to evenly spread the lotion on your body—and don't forget to wash your hands after. ($42;

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Tube of black waterproof mascara by Bare Minerals with a normal-shape wand. photo

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Lush Lashes

You can now jump in the pool or take a dip in the ocean without your eye makeup running down your face—we've all been there and done that. With a few swipes of this Bare Minerals waterproof mascara you'll have lushious lashes all day and all night. Put it on in the morning, wear it to the beach, and continue to look stunning for a night out with the girls. ($19;

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White bottle of Now aloe gel. photo

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Oh-So Soothing

Although outdoor activities are fun, sometimes it's inevitable and sunburns just happen; but don't sweat it because this aloe gel by Now Solutions will soothe your skin in no time. Once you rub it into the injured area you'll start to feel pain relief and over time it'll help your skin naturally heal from the damage. It's safe to say we love this is a multi-purpose gel that also works great for windburns. ($8;

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Small box of Hoola bronzer with a small brush. photo

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Beautiful Bronzer

Top off your summer beauty routine by defining your facial features with this Hoola mini bronzer. This powder gives your skin a matte finish that you'll want to keep throughout the day, so throw it in your beach bag in case you need a touch up. Simply dust the powder over your skin and you'll be ready for a day of lounging and soaking up the sun. ($15;

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