BODY-ALINE Back Strengthening and Posture Corrector Exercise Machine (with Back Pain Relief PDF)

BODY-ALINE Back Strengthening and Posture Corrector Exercise Machine (with Back Pain Relief PDF):Benefits:Strengthens back musclesRealigns postureMassages along spineRelieves back pain and pressureReduces symptoms of arthritis, joint pain, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel and sciaticaFeatures:Adjustable height and arm lengthTension settings from 0-200 lbsSupports up to 350 lbs20 page user guideOnline instructional videoIncludes "Back Pain Relief" PDFHighlights:Requires o up to 350 lbs20 page user guideOnline instructional videoIncludes "Back Pain Relief" PDFHighlights:Requires only 1-2 minutes per dayAssembles in 15 mins (tools provided)Safe and effective for ages 12 and up, pregnant women and seniorsPrescribed by doctors, and used in chiropractic, physical therapy and rehab clinics worldwideHOW IT WORKS:The targeted exercise motion of the BODYALINE guides you to a healthy back and perfect posture by re-balancing your posture muscles. It stretches tight muscles in front and strengthens weak muscles in back to retrain your body to go in the exact OPPOSITE direction of your slump. This is called "Mirror Image Muscle Rehabilitation." You'll stand taller and feel less pressure in your back immediately after using it. Plus, you get a soothing foam roller back massage. When a back pain and posture therapy works this quickly, you're more likely to continue doing it! Now you can relieve chronic back pain and improve posture without taking pills or wearing a brace. No other back pain cure in the world permanently treats the root cause of most back pain (poor posture) faster or more conveniently than BODY-ALINE.THE RIGHT TREATMENT for YOUR BACK PAIN DOESN'T HAVE to BE COMPLICATED:Strong back muscles and good posture take pressure off the spine to relieve backaches. It's just that simple. If you've seen a doctor for back pain, chances are you were given back and posture exercises. Chances are... you didn't do them. Well, the BODY-ALINE makes it easy. There's simply no excuse to suffer back pain AND poor posture anymore!PRODUCT SUMMARY:Similar to a car, your body functions most optimally while in proper alignment because its moving parts (your skeletal system) are working in unison. However, when misalignment occurs, it creates friction, tension and impingement within these moving parts (joints). This is why bad posture contributes to the onset of: upper, middle and lower back pain; neck pain, shoulder pain, back spasms, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis and carpal tunnel. Think how well a car performs in proper alignment, your body does the same.BODY-ALINE -vs- OTHER TREATMENTS:BACK PAIN RELIEF PILLS, RUBS, PATCHES, CREAMS and OINTMENTS dull nerves to temporarily relieve lower back pain but don't strengthen muscles or correct posture. By correcting posture, the BODY ALINE treats root cause — instead of masking it.INVERSION TABLES stretch the spine to alleviate pressure but this equipment doesn't realign or strengthen most postural muscles. Bad posture is the main reason your spine needs to be decompressed in the first place. Thus, fixing your posture should be your FIRST priority. However, we do recommend inversion therapy machines and chairs to be used with BODYALINE.LOWER BACK (LUMBAR) SUPPORT SEATS, PADS, PILLOWS and CUSHIONS realign your spine while using them, but what about when you're not using them? It's difficult to take these back pain devices wherever you sit.POSTURE CORRECTOR VESTS, STRAPS, BRAS and SHIRTS temporarily align posture while worn, but don't permanently rebalance muscles because the tight fabric is doing the 'work' your posture muscles should be doing. So, when you take them off, bad posture just comes back. This makes you reliant on wearing posture support devices all the time to have good posture — not a long-term solution. However, BODY ALINE utilizes your own musculature to realign posture. read more