Citizen Women's EW8694-52D Eco-Drive Silhouette Two-Tone Watch

The two-tone Citizen Eco-Drive Silhouette stainless steel women's watch is a great match for everyday business wear or for adding just the right accent to a special night on the town. The round, silver watch case features a bezel with a thin, interior gold accent that frames the lustrous, bluish mother-of-pearl dial. The stainless steel bracelet band features rounded links that mix silver and gold tones, and it's joined by a push-button jewelry clasp. Other featuress rounded links that mix silver and gold tones, and it's joined by a push-button jewelry clasp. Other features include water resistance to 30 meters (99 feet) and a scratch resistant mineral crystal with anti-reflective coating. This watch is powered by Citizen's unique Eco-Drive, which absorbs sunlight and any artificial light through the crystal and dial to recharge the watch continuously. With regular exposure to light, the Eco-Drive continuously recharges itself for a lifetime of use. This watch's Eco-Drive provides a 365-day power reserve, and it can be recharged with just 1 hour of exposure to light. Eco-Drive Frequently Asked Questions How can you tell if the Eco-Drive watch is getting enough light? In normal use, the watch displays the time and the sweep-second hand moves in one second intervals. A very important feature of Eco-Drive is the Low Charge Warning Mode which as a result of low battery voltage, causes the second hand to jump two seconds at a time (while still keeping correct time). How long will an Eco-Drive watch run after it is fully charged?If your watch is put away where no light is available to it while in a fully charged state, depending on the model, it will run for from 45 days to 5 years. How can the Eco-Drive watch be recharged? Besides sunlight, it can be safely charged by exposing it to a fluorescent desk lamp, with the dial (face) up and within about 8 inches or an incandescent lamp (regular light bulb) no closer than 20 inches. Never use a halogen lamp since the heat generated by it can cause damage to your watch. The most efficient and the quickest is in direct bright sunlight (not windowsill) and never on the dashboard of a car. Warranty It's backed by Citizen's 5-year warranty (from original date of purchase). About Citizen One of the world's largest watch makers, the Citizen Watch Company was founded in 1924 in Japan from its beginnings as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute. The first watch released by the company was named "CITIZEN" and its name was selected so that it would be "close to the hearts of people everywhere." Today, Citizen is recognized as a worldwide leader in advanced timepiece technology, from the world's slimmest LCD watch to the first voice recognition watch to the world's first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor. Citizen was also the first to sell watches made with titanium in the world, which is not only light and durable but also non-allergenic (as stainless steel can be to some wearers). Most recently, Citizen has released watches powered by its Eco-Drive, which runs continuously in any kind of natural light or artificial light for a lifetime of use without changing a battery. read more