6 Best Luggage Picks You Need for Your Next Vacation—And They're Super Cute

Whether you're flying, driving, or taking the train to your destination, it's important to have reliable luggage that's durable and will keep your belongings safe. We've rounded up the best of the best from your favorite brands like Calpak, Away, and Herschel that'll get you from point A to point B in style.

Various Calpak packing cubes in white marble. photo

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Marble Calpak Packing Cubes

First things first: packing. These white marble packing cubes from Calpak are stylish and allow you to squeeze that last pair of shoes in your suitcase with ease. Before you begin, label each bag so nothing gets misplaced. The set includes five bags in different sizes that help keep you organized while you're away. Use the extra-large bag for clothes and the large for styling tools like your hair straightener, curling iron, and blow dryer. The two medium sizes are great for packing makeup and skincare products, and the smallest bag keeps all your toiletries in one place. ($48; urbanoutfitters.com)

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Black Herschel backpack. photo

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Herschel Mid-Volume Backpack

Perfect for a camping trip and hiking, this mid-volume backpack from Herschel is exactly what every traveler needs, whether it's a gift or for yourself. It's available in 26 colors and patterns to suit your style and has a drawstring, magnetic strap closures, and buckles for added security. Listen to music while you hike by utilizing the internal media pocket. It has a port for your headphones so you don't have to carry your phone or spend extra money on wireless earbuds. Bonus: There's a padded, fleece-lined pocket for your laptop so you can use it for everyday use, too. ($100; herschel.com)

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Navy hardshell Away Suitcase with lock on the top. photo

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The Large Away Suitcase

The Large suitcase from Away is every fashionista's dream. You can finally pack almost an entire wardrobe in one checked bag and have peace of mind knowing everything's secured with a TSA-approved combination lock. It features a compression system so you can pack more inside and has a removable laundry bag that's hidden so it doesn't get mixed up with clean clothes. If you're looking for a suitcase with a built-in battery to charge your phone, check out the Away carry-on bag, too. ($295; awaytravel.com)

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Soho Tote bag from MZ Wallace with shoulder strap. photo

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Soho Tote

If you're going on a day trip with the girls this Soho tote will be your go-to. Pack a change of clothes along with your toothbrush, then toss your other essentials in the two exterior pockets. When you're not traveling use this water-and-stain-resistant tote as a gym bag or detach the shoulder strap for everyday use. This versatile bag can go anywhere and is totally worth the splurge. ($245; mzwallace.com)

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Black Herschel duffel bag with wheels. photo

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Herschel Duffel

This Herschel duffel bag is the perfect size for a weekend getaway. Carry it yourself or save your strength and pull out the trolley handle for easy rolling. Thanks to the drawstring laundry bag, unpacking is quick and painless so you don't have to sift through clothes to find what's clean and what's dirty. ($150; bloomingdales.com)

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Hardshell Calpak carry-on in white marble print. photo

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Calpak Marble Carry-On

Available in white or black marble, this carry-on holds all the essentials you'll need for a short work trip and ensures your belongings are secure with a built-in combination lock. Its hardshell construction protects your stuff, while the interior compartments keep everything contained so your suitcase isn't a jumbled mess when you open it. For superior organization—and a stylish combo—we suggest using the matching marble packing cubes mentioned above. ($135; nordstrom.com)

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