They're Back: Fanny Packs You'll Actually Wear in Public

Who said fanny packs are not stylish? The 90s are back and we are so ready for it. This bag will be your new best friend—you'll literally be joined at the hip.


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Take Me to Work Out

Start your workout right with this 90s-inspired sport fanny pack. Free those hands from carrying a bag and begin your routine with a light jog to the gym. With many color options to choose from, the belt bag will be your coolest accessory to add to your workout gear. The silky-smooth weave will allow you to feel as if you had nothing around you waist to maximize comfort. ($29;

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Take Me to Work

Bring back the good ol' times when the fanny pack made an appearance on the accessory scene. Keeping it professional for your work attire, this leather fanny pack speaks for itself. The pleated belt keeps you fashion forward with a nice, clean look, and the bands can knot for extra support. Stick to the basics and bring only the necessary belongings to work. Ditch the purse or briefcase because this bag will get the job done. ($119;

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Take Me Out With the Girls

Make an entrance with this unforgettable fringed belt bag. It's a refreshing alternative to a crossbody bag or clutch. Whether you need to cart your cards and keys for going shopping or going out for dinner and drinks, your friends will be dying to get their hands on this playful fanny pack. Style it with a printed romper and some wedges when you're feeling extra sassy. This unique accessory might just be the hippest fanny pack you will ever wear. ($175;

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Take Me Hiking

Climbing mountains or chasing waterfalls, this fanny pack can make it through it all. Keep your essentials safe and close for easy access. Feel confident hands-free while scaling boulders and maneuvering through your amazing excursion. The leaf-print design is fashionable while the adjustable buckle belt keeps you secure.. This fanny pack will make sure your outdoor adventures are hassle-free and more enjoyable. An essential for your next backpacking trip, this nature-inspired fanny pack will definitely help you immerse yourself in your environment.. ($30; (Don't hit the trails until you've packed these 10 hiking essentials.)

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Take Me Shopping

Lighten your look with some of the most stylish belt bags. Store your personal belongings for all the little things in life that you must carry at all times. This fashion fanny pack offers four pouches that are perfect for shopping trips when you need your cards handy and your hands free. You can load up on those shopping bags now that you have one less bag to worry about, so you can literally shop till you drop. ($198;

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Take Me On a Run

On your marks, get set, GO! Sprint your way to the finish line without making a pit stop to stock up on forgotten items. Keep everything you need close with a lean waist pack that securely stores the necessities for your daily run. The pack's lightweight fabric and neat design keep you looking trendy and competitive, and the reflective taping helps you stay visible during a late-night workout. With many colors to choose from, this fanny pack is for sure a true winner. ($20; (Stock up on reflective activewear with the best gear for running after dark.)

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Take Me to Walk the Dog

The hunt for the perfect bag to bring with you to walk your dog is over. A fanny pack is just what you need to make your walk with your pooch as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Store your phone and keys in a safe zippered pouch where nothing will fall out or get misplaced. A nice, clean look enhances rather than cramps your style. This modern fanny pack's easy access in the front means your pup won't have to wait long to receive that scrumptious treat! ($16;

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Take Me to Travel

Fanny pack, if you dare. Save yourself from backaches and sore muscles and keep it light by ditching the bulky backpack—and keep your carry-on luggage to a minimum. Take your terrific taste with you wherever you go and arrive in style. You can store your phone and lip gloss right where it should be—close enough for access. The tan leather with the orange and yellow tassels keeps you looking fresh and fabulous. Did we also mention it doubles as a belt? Don't be a lagger and wait until everyone else has one; we know you love the attention. ($29;

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Take Me to the Park

This is not your average fanny pack; this is your Mary Poppins fanny pack. With a large storage area it allows you to pack all of your essentials for a day at the park. Not only will it complement that summer dress you have planned, but it also gives you a fancy flair to your style. With the bright colors and trendy design, this ultra-cool fanny pack is a must-have addition to your bag collection. ($48; (Complete the carefree summer look with these six no-fuss summer hairstyles.)

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Take Me to a Party

Remember that time when you lost something at a party? Well, not anymore. Strap this fashion belt bag around your waist and you won't have to worry about keeping track of your belongings while having fun. With both an interior and exterior pocket, this fanny pack (if you can even call it that because it is so chic) will be able to store all of your essentials for the night. The quilted leather and gold chain is comfortable fastened around the waist while crushing the style game. ($258;

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