Mini Bags to Boost Your Summer Style

They may be small, but these mini bags pack a serious style punch. Whether you love classic leather, can't pass up trendy shapes, or prefer designer names, we've found the perfect accessory to complete your summer ensemble.

Green mini crossbody bag made of rattan and shaped like a hexagon photo

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Green with Envy

Gone are the days when purses came in round or rectangular shapes. Now, there's tons of different silhouettes to choose from. Take advantage of the design shift and add this green mini bag to your accessory collection. Its rattan exterior is a must-have for summer accessories while its hexagonal shape adds an edgy style to your look. Pair it with your favorite sundress for brunch, or wear it with some rolled shorts and an off-the-shoulder blouse for day-time fun. Regardless whether you go casual or dress it up, this mini bag brings personality and texture to any ensemble. ($40;

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Black Kate Spade mini crossbody bag with a black tassel and gold chain photo

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Little Black Bag

If your day calls for just the essentials—phone, cards, ID—then we suggest swapping out your go-to purse with this Kate Spade mini bag. Measuring only 6 inches tall, it lets you carry what you need without unnecessary items weighing you down. It may be tiny, but this little crossbody features a spot for your iPhone along with three credit card slots. Slip your must-haves into their dedicated spaces, snap it close, and you'll be ready for your next adventure. Pro tip: The next time you're traveling, use it to quickly pull out your ID and then toss it inside your larger carry on after you make it through security. ($128;

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Mini white leather shoulder bag designed by Nico Giani photo

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All Year Round

For a bag you can wear all year-round (even after Labor Day, yup we said it) check out this mini shoulder bag. Designed by Nico Giani, the bag features a 52-inch strap you can adjust to fit your frame. Not in love with the shoulder style? Remove the strap and carry it as a handbag instead. Regardless how you hold it, this vintage-inspired case adds a retro touch to any of your outfits. For a luxe look, keep your color palette strictly black and white with some skinny-fit slacks and a printed blouse. If you lean more toward brighter colors, don't stress, this small accessory complements bold clothing choices, too. ($570;

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Light pink mini shoulder bag with tropical pattern and gold chain strap photo

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Special Occasion Tropics

With warmer weather comes the inevitable increase of summer weddings. No matter how many ceremonies you're off to, this mini shoulder bag will get you through them all. Keep your phone, wallet, and smaller makeup inside the interior pocket for lipstick touch-ups and selfies with the bride, then use the slip and zip pockets to hold emergency items like feminine supplies or the cute bartender's number. Available in four different prints and patterns, you'll be able to match any outfit. Bonus: The strap comes off so you can wear it on your shoulder or convert it into a clutch as needed. ($59;

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Light blue Tory Burch mini crossbody designed to fit smartphones photo

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Fringe Phone Case

You can dress your phone with cases and PopSockets, but when it comes to storage, don't toss it in with all your other essentials where it can get beat up. Instead, reach for this high-end mini crossbody. From the Tory Burch design house, the bag was specifically created to fit numerous smartphones including the latest models. It features an iconic "T" print, an adjustable leather strap, and a fringed cover for a serious fashion-statement while its terry cloth material will protect your precious tech. Bring it along for your next travel adventure and it'll be right there when you need to update Instagram. ($128;

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Leather backpack with ring closure and adjustable straps photo

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Convertible Leather Backpack

When it comes to accessorizing for a carnival you don't need much. In fact we recommend some smaller studs (you don't want to lose anything on fast-moving rides,) but just because you don't adorn yourself with jewelry doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Grab this leather backpack and you'll add personality and function to your outfit. Its compact size won't get in the way of your fun while its interior pocket has plenty of room for storing your essentials. Choose from five beautiful hues—we recommend blush nude for summer—and you'll be ready for anything. ($1,490;

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Yellow quilted belt bag from Urban Outfitters photo

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The New Fanny Pack

With the rise of outdoor festivals, women are looking for innovative ways to carry their essentials without sacrificing their style. The result: the return of the fanny pack silhouette. Although the phrase may make you shudder, the new accessory is ten times cuter than the one your parents sported during your childhood trips—especially this mini belt bag from Urban Outfitters. Its quilted seams and suede construction fit right in with the current '70s throwback happening in fashion, while its adjustable strap and surprisingly spacious interior pocket allow you to carry all your must-haves right around your waist. Choose the yellow option to add a fun pop of color to your summer ensemble, or, if you prefer to go less bold, pick the black hue instead; we never say no to a versatile neutral. ($49;

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Beige cylinder mini bag made of leather photo

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Versatile Leather Mini Bag

If you're looking for a bag that takes you from the office to a dinner date, then we found just the thing. This leather mini bag may not have any adornments, but its leather construction and unique cylinder silhouette makes it a standout piece. With its simple design you can wear it with practically anything in your closet, but if you're wanting some inspo we suggest a statement pencil skirt and solid blouse for a professional look and then swapping out your skirt for some embroidered jeans for after-office drinks with the girls. No matter what outfit you choose, you're going to love having this versatile accessory on hand. ($150;

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Raffia mini bag with a gold chain strap photo

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Mini Beach Bag

Even if you can't spend every day soaking in the sun, you can still bring beach vibes everywhere you go with this mini bag. Its rattan construction creates a beautiful weave reminiscent of your favorite straw hat. That being said, we recommend sticking with one raffia accessory per outfit. You should still have one in your closet, but pair this bag with a cute top knot instead to give it the spotlight it deserves. Add in some cropped jeans, a striped top, and summer sandals and you'll be ready for a relaxing day on the boardwalk. ($50;

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