Unique Valentine's Day Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love

Yes, your S.O. is important, but this Valentine's Day it's your girls who deserve some extra love. Show your besties how much you appreciate them with these unique and awesome gifts.


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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #12: A Candle That's Honest in the Best Way

Why do you love your girlfriends so much? Maybe because they're always there for you when you need them, they're your permanent wingwomen, they push you to reach your goals at the gym…or maybe it's because they accept and love your weird self—and are just as weird themselves. This Wick Thinking soy candle tells it like it is, and we are obsessed with it. ($25; modcloth.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #11: A Ring with a Twist

Remember when fidget spinners were a fad (and your whole squad hated them but each definitely wanted one deep down inside)? These hammered spinner rings provide the same therapeutic spinning but in a sleek and sophisticated form. Handcrafted by an artisan in Maine, these rings are made from sterling silver, copper, and/or brass and are designed for comfort and durability. This is the perfect gift for your girl who is constantly fidgeting and loves minimalist, high-quality jewelry. ($70+; thegrommet.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #10: A Surprising Six Pack

If beer is your girl's jam, this six pack soap set is for her. With scents ranging from Orange Blossom Pilsner to the beloved hipster drink of choice, PBR, these soaps are handmade with skin-loving ingredients including cocoa butter and refined sweet almond oil. Like the perfect shower beer, this soap will take her bubble bath or shower routine to the next level. ($42; uncommongoods.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #9: Proper Attire for the Girl Who Sleeps Like It's Her Job

Naps are life, and your girl knows that, too. If she naps harder than anyone you know, reward her with this ultra-comfy Nasty Gal night tee. She can cozy up in it to take her daily nap, or wear it around the house with pride to share her love of snoozing with the world. ($24; nastygal.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #8: A Book to Celebrate Women

Girls are kickass, and time and time again we've proven this in society. Give some serious girl-power inspiration with the Kate Spade coffee table book SHE: muses, visionaries and madcap heroines. Filled with quotes and stories from 50 women who have impacted our world in a big way, it's a conversation starter, a tribute to amazing people, and a reminder to show society what she's made of. ($40; barnesandnoble.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #7: A Tea Set to Help Her Unwind

When you give your girl this rejuvenation collection box, you're giving her so much more than tea. You're giving her 30 opportunities to sip one of six delicious whole-leaf tea flavors and escape her worries for a few glorious minutes. She deserves this set (think of all the times she's put up with your venting sessions). ($30; mightyleaf.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #6: A Fruity Facemask

Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask is the perfect Valentine's Day treat. She can use this rejuvenating mask for a much-needed spa night, or put it on after a long day to wake up feeling refreshed and confident with soft and nourished skin. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, this versatile mask was created with the Korean skincare routine in mind and works great with any skin type. She can wear it overnight for ultra hydration and benefits, or rinse it off after 10 minutes for a quick refresher. ($22; sephora.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #5: Wine with a Purpose

Any wine is a great gift, but this Honey Bubbles Sparkling Moscato gives back to society beyond its sweet flavors of peaches, tangerines, lemons, white flowers, and honey. Part of the proceeds from each bottle are donated to help fight Colony Collapse Disorder of honey bees. Give a bottle to your wine-drinking friend who loves moscato and saving the world. ($20; wine.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #4: A Genius Makeup Bag

It's one of the most frustrating daily challenges for makeup lovers: You know you put your mascara back in your bag, but you cannot find it no matter how far you dig. This Lay-N-Go cosmetic bag will end that hunt for good. With a drawstring cord that releases the bag to a completely flat surface, the unique design provides the opportunity to spread out all your goods in a contained space. When your look is complete, simply tighten the drawstring to bring the tote back into carrying position and bundle your makeup together for safe storage. ($39; layngo.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #3: A Weeknight Game for the Food Lover

Perfect for the foodie who loves being spontaneous in the kitchen—or for your friend who can never decide what to make for dinner—these fun foodie dice help decide what protein to make, what cooking method to use, what spices to add, what sides to pair with it, and more. Add some fun to her dinner routine with the dice that place the "What should I make for dinner?" question in the hands of fate. ($24; uncommongoods.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #2: A DIY Kit for the Aspiring Mixologist

If your girl likes liquor and creating her own flavors/drinks, this At-Home Liquor Infusion Kit is for her. She can experiment with six natural flavors like smoke, mint, and citrus to create her new favorite drink in a matter of hours. Plus, the infusion bottle will make a stunning addition to her counter or bar cart. ($30–$35; uncommongoods.com)

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Unique Valentine's Day Gift #1: Not-Your-Average Chocolate Box

We had to include at least one box of chocolates in this list. I mean, it is Valentine's Day after all. This sweet variety pack isn't just any plain ol' box of chocolates, though. Packed inside this visually appealing box are 12 popular gourmet chocolates from a company with a mission to be socially and environmentally responsible. Plus, we all know chocolate has health benefits (in moderation, of course) so in a way you're gifting her both health and happiness. Best friend status? Yes. ($10; cafebritt.com)

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