How to Update Your Wardrobe with a Personal Stylist

On your marks, get set, shop. Update your closet the easy way by utilizing SHAPE's Personal Stylist service for free. You won't be able to resist this.

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All About SHAPE's Personal Stylist

Going from work to workout can leave you no time to shop for yourself. Save your time for the gym and utilize an online personal stylist, like SHAPE Personal Stylist, to help you build a killer wardrobe. SHAPE Personal Stylist is an e-commerce service that recommends outfits and accessories based off what you already have in your closet—best idea ever. Whether you're looking for an outfit for work, weekend lounging, or going out with friends, SHAPE Personal Stylist curates a list of options that pair nicely with all the basics hanging in your closet. Instead of spending hours sifting through your favorite boutiques and stores, only to find a few pieces that you actually like, try taking advantage of SHAPE's Personal Stylist free styling service—could it get much better than that?

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Shop, Style, Repeat

Since we can't all have a personal closet stylist like Kim K in our lives—wishful thinking, we know—why not try a personal stylist that won't cost you your rent and then some? With SHAPE's Personal Stylist in your life, you'll never be stuck staring at your closet feeling frustrated again. Simply start by taking a style quiz so SHAPE Personal Stylist can get to know you and your unique style, and then go through your closet and drawers and tell the program what types of basics you already have lying around. That's right, the time has come to count the number of black leggings you have in your closet and start putting every single one to use. From looking for a new go-to athleisure outfit to how to make your favorite joggers look work-appropriate, SHAPE Personal Stylist is here to make styling your ensemble a breeze.

Now for the fun part, shopping the new pieces and accessories that SHAPE Personal Stylist recommends. SHAPE's Personal Stylist generates full outfit ideas using the basics you already own to create stylish outfits that suit your lifestyle. This program will curate looks for every occasion: heading to the office, running errands, a date night, and more. A girl's gotta have options right? With just a few clicks, you'll be able to easily to refresh your wardrobe using only your phone or personal computer. TBH, we'll all about that hassle-free shopping.

Our favorite perk of this digital stylist? The amount of money you end up saving when choosing SHAPE Personal Stylist. You'll no longer have to drop serious dough at a department store on a few pieces that you can only wear with a few things. At this point, there's truly no downside to trying SHAPE Personal Stylist, so why not give it a shot? The worst thing that could happen is you stumble upon some amazing pieces that you'll have in your closet all season long. That's a win we'll gladly take.