Karma Chameleon: 8 Activity Trackers That Transform From Day to Night

Activity trackers have become wildly popular in the last year, and for some good reasons. What most people don't know is that there is a plethora of activity trackers on the market that are super stylish and affordable.


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Rose Gold Envy

If you didn't think "chic" and "tech" could ever go together in the same sentence, think again! Michael Kors has expanded their fashion empire with a new line of smartwatches that will have fashionistas lining up around the block. There are different styles and colors of this smartwatch—good luck choosing just one. Compatible with both iOS and Android, this watch is a must for anyone looking to step up their daily activity in style. ($350; michaelkors.com)

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Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil is changing the game with this hybrid smartwatch. It looks like a typical fashion watch from the brand, but it comes packed with all of the capabilities of a smartwatch. Keep track of your steps and your busy schedule simultaneously with this beautiful piece of technology. Respond to emails and texts in a flash with the Fossil Q App. Don't worry about having to charge up your watch every night—the battery lasts about six months on average. When you're ready for a change, switch out the watch band for any of Fossil's interchangeable options for a new style. ($155; fossil.com)

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Scallop Trim Tracker

It may not look like it, but this incredibly chic bangle from Kate Spade is indeed a fitness tracker. Think of it as your own exclusive personal trainer. All you have to do is link your device to the Kate Spade New York Connected App and bits of motivation will start flowing through your app every day. Details are what make this gold-tone bangle so swanky. The tracker discs are made from white mother-of-pearl and the dainty, scalloped, gold-tone topring make it elegant. Go from your day job to an evening out without changing a thing. ($128; katespade.com)

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The Cat's Meow

The inner cat lady in all of us rejoiced when we saw this cat-themed activity tracker. Who wouldn't love wearing this every day? It is ridiculously cute, super stylish, and totally affordable. This sleek tracker is perfect for someone who enjoys measuring fitness and sleep habits but shies away from those bulky, less stylish activity trackers. Layer this feline tracker with some bracelets for a trendy look that will take you from day to night. ($98; katespade.com)

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Splurge-Worthy Smartwatch

It's impossible to talk about smartwatches without mentioning Apple. Known for their innovative technology, Apple definitely delivers when it comes to the Apple Watch. The Series 2 includes GPS tracking (so you can discover new dinner destinations), water resistance up to 50 meters (so you don't have a repeat of that water park incident last summer), and an advanced retina display (for easier viewing and a more responsive touch screen). Really, we could go on for days. If you're looking to splurge, go with the Apple Watch—trust us; it's worth every penny. ($399; apple.com)

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Misfits Never Looked So Good

Welcome to the next phase in watch evolution. The Misfit Phase combines the capabilities of a smartwatch with the classic design of a traditional watch. No charging necessary, the battery-powered hybrid watch stays on continuously, which means you can always tell what time it is and keep track of even more data. Use the sports strap during your afternoon workout and switch to the leather band before joining friends for happy hour. This is one Misfit that should consistently find its place in your accessories. ($175; misfit.com)

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One Ring to Rule Them All

This luxe smart ring from Ringly might be the coolest thing you will see all day. Activity trackers are no longer limited to watches and bracelets. Now you can wear rings that look like beautiful pieces of fashion jewelry but have the secret skills of a smartwatch. Immediately connect to the app and select only the notifications you want to receive on the ring with subtle vibration and changing lights. These swanky rings are water resistant and come in a variety of colors, so you never have to compromise your style to keep track of your goals and messages again. ($165; ringly.com)

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Totally Tory

Tory Burch lovers, this one is for you! Bet you didn't know your favorite designer had a line of Fitbit Flex 2 accessories, did you? That's right—now you can dress up your Fitbit in chic Tory Burch fashion. This ultra-trendy bracelet snaps on top of your Fitbit, immediately transforming it into your new favorite accessory. Stop worrying about how to make your Fitbit match your outfit and opt for one of these metal bracelets instead. Who said you can't be glam and fit at the same time? ($195; toryburch.com)

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