5 Fitness Trackers That Are Highly Rated and Totally Affordable

It's no secret that brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple have set the bar for activity trackers, but if the steep price tag has kept you from getting one, we found a solution. These Amazon customer-loved fitness trackers get high praise (without the high price), so you can count your steps and so much more.

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Letsfit Fitness Tracker

Nearly 1,000 Amazon customers give this slim activity tracker five stars. It features a small screen that delivers text and call notifications as well as reminders to move if you've been sitting for awhile. One five-star reviewer says she loves the watch, but is even more impressed with the customer service. When she couldn't find an answer to a question in the owner's manual, she left a message for Letsfit they and returned her call in just a few hours. Effective, quality service, and less than $40—what's not to love? ($30; amazon.com)

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Gold fitness tracker with a large watch face photo

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EpochAir Waterproof Smart Watch

For an activity tracker that doesn't look like it's monitoring your fitness levels, you can't go wrong with this pretty gold smart watch. Not only can it take you from the office to the gym in a snap, but it's also waterproof and features 24-hour heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. You can see the time, how many steps you've taken, and how many calories you've burned simply by glancing at the screen. ($38; amazon.com)

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Blue and silver fitness tracker by Yamay on Amazon photo

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Yamay Fitness Tracker

Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, the Yamay fitness tracker is affordable enough to get one for the whole family. It comes in five classic colors and is great for tracking anything from cycling and running to hiking and dancing. Bonus: The battery lasts for up to seven days, making it super easy to monitor your sleep patterns every night. And when it does need to be recharged, it'll be ready to go in as little as two hours. ($36; amazon.com)

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker

In addition to monitoring steps and sleep, this activity tracker automatically lights up whenever you turn your wrist to instantly view the time or your stats. It's also great for those who love to swim since it can function in depths up to 50 meters. One feature even allows you to reject a call without having your phone in your hand, so you can stay focused while you're at the gym. This five-star reviewer says it's "the absolute best fitness tracker in this price range!" ($29; amazon.com)

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HalfSun Fitness Tracker

Jeff, an Amazon customer, says this activity tracker is "great for runners." It can monitor heart rate, track how many calories you've burned, and count your steps. Other Amazon reviewers say the app is easy to use, and the watch offers an incredible value considering the super-affordable price. Bonus: The app can also help women keep track of their menstrual cycle. ($36; amazon.com)

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