14 Products To Help You Keep Your Health Resolutions

Health resolutions: Everyone makes them, but not everyone keeps them. Staying focused on your goals takes a positive attitude and the right preparation and resources. If you're dedicated to staying healthy, working out, and keeping those resolutions, here are some fantastic products that keep you motivated and moving forward to better health.

Digital kitchen scale in stainless steel photo

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Mainstays Glass Digital Kitchen Scale

This sleek food scale is both attractive and useful. Better yet, it's easy to read because the display lights up–a unique and handy feature. When you buy this scale, you'll have more of the tools you need to adhere to better portion control, which helps you hit your weight loss goal and maintain a healthy weight. It's never to early to kickstart those New Year's resolutions. ($37; amazon.com)

Red exercise ball for yoga, core strength, balance training, and more photo

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GoFit 55cm Exercise Ball with Pump

This GoFit exercise ball isn't just for exercise. It can be used as a chair, for yoga practice, and it can help relieve pressure off your tailbone. Turn your Netflix binging into an opportunity to work on your core by sitting on the ball while watching your favorite shows. The exercise ball is made from high-quality rubber for durability, so you won't have to worry about popping it. ($20; amazon.com)


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Compact elliptical machine that can fit under a desk photo

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FitDesk Under-Desk Elliptical

Why wait until break time to get some exercise in at work? The FitDesk Under-Desk Elliptical allows you to tone up while sitting and typing that promotion-worthy report. The low-impact nature of the FitDesk means it puts less stress on your joints and decreases the risk of impact injuries. There's also a rolling foot massager built in to soothe tired feet. When you're not using it, tuck the compact elliptical under your desk and out of the way of your feet. ($148; amazon.com)

Folding bicycle by Schwinn photo

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20" Schwinn Hinge Unisex Folding Bike

There are so many unexpected benefits of this folding bike. They are popular with inner-city apartment dwellers, travelers, and commuters. This bike is small enough to pop under your bed or stow in a corner, and it easily fits on the subway. Use the carrier on the back to haul your fruits and veggies home from the grocery store. Keeping your health resolutions starts with one small step. Try biking to work at least once a week and you'll notice a big difference. ($194; amazon.com)

Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker in black photo

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Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker

This Fitbit Flex is a one-stop-shop. It tracks every part of your day—including activity, exercise, food, and sleep. You can then upload that data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and receive notifications when you need to be reminded to get up and move. Just becoming more aware of how much of your day is spent sitting can go a long way to helping you reach your fitness goals. Bonus: The Flex's sophisticated, all-black design pairs nicely with practically any outfit. ($68; amazon.com)


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Woman using an 8-pound medicine ball photo

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CAP Barbell Rubber Medicine Ball

CAP Barbell's Rubber Medicine Ball is a classic fitness tool that's been around for ages. You can perform oblique twists and sit-ups as well as lunges with a twist. Of course, keeping your fitness resolutions is much easier when you can work on your goals with a friend to help keep each other accountable. Grab a workout buddy to do sit-ups and throw the medicine ball back and forth—just make sure to keep your eye on the ball! (from $17; amazon.com)

Black ventilated fitness gloves with wrist straps photo

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Fitness Gloves

These workout gloves are made from lightweight material to help you get more out of your exercise routine. They also keep the sweat away from your hands, so they stay cool and dry whether you're powerlifting or cycling. If you have hand or wrist issues, these fitness gloves will offer some protection—all while maintaining a sense of style. ($20; amazon.com)

Mizuno women's running shoe in silver and teal photo

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Mizuno Women's Wave Paradox 2 Running Shoe

Mizuno running shoes have always been known for their firm ride, but this one is comfortable enough to wear all day too. High-quality cushioning puts more bounce in your step and the durable sole doesn't sacrifice flexibility, so it's a worthy investment if you're planning to take up running daily. Whether you're training for a marathon or working a shift that has you on your feet all day, these shoes will make the experience more enjoyable. (from $68; amazon.com)


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Blue drawstring backpack for sports and the gym photo

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Drawstring Gym Bag

This gym bag is perfect if swimming is your exercise of choice. Store your towel, shoes and clothes in this bag and rest assured your stuff will stay dry as you dive into the pool. You'll be much more motivated to swim laps when you have the perfect bag to tote all your gear. It's just the right size for bringing along everything you need before and after your water workout—without the bulk. ($17; amazon.com)


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Food and exercise diary with workout planner photo

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Workout Journal

If you're not sure about your ability to keep up your health resolutions, this workout journal can be your accountability buddy. Simply writing down the types of exercises you're doing each day is super helpful in maintaining your diet and fitness goals. Other benefits of keeping a journal is that it can help you see your strengths and weaknesses and even help you identify new goals to work on in the future. ($7; amazon.com)

Wired sweatproof earbuds photo

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ROVKING Sweat-Proof Sport Workout Headphones

This is a great set of headphones for high-impact gym cardio or running on the beach. Exercising with your favorite music helps you enjoy your workout, so you're more likely to keep up your fitness routine when you have a killer playlist. The beat of an empowering song provides a nice tempo for you to ramp up your pace, and these headphones provide top-notch sound and stay put as you move. You might even start dancing at traffic lights while you wait for the green light—you don't want to break your stride, after all. ($13; amazon.com)


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Woman balancing on a free-standing barre photo

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Free-Standing Balance Barre with Travel Bag

Barre is a trendy choice for fitness fiends everywhere, and this lightweight, portable balance barre allows you to take your moves on the go. No matter your age, weight, or fitness level, you can hit the barre and channel your inner dancer to make reaching your fitness goals more fun. Barre affects different body types in different ways, but this method of exercise improves your strength and natural posture. Since it's portable, you don't really have an excuse not to use it! ($200; amazon.com)

Water bottle with fruit infuser photo

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ASOBU Flavour 2 Go Water Bottle

Everyone wants to drink more water in the New Year, but there's nothing more boring than your eight glasses of non-flavor. Grab this infusion water bottle and fill it with awesome flavor combos like lemon and cucumber or strawberry and basil. We love that it's BPA-free, and when you're done, you can just throw it in the dishwasher. You'll exceed your hydration goal in no time. ($13; amazon.com)

Women's workout tank top in black with racerback design photo

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Chassé Women's Performance C-Fuse Tank

The "C" line from Chassé is fit for just about any type of workout. This performance tank holds everything in so you don't bounce or jiggle as you run, jump, achieve that upside-down yoga pose, or spin. The straps are comfortable and don't give you neckache like some racerback tank tops can. The right workout clothes make a world of difference when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Invest in a top that enhances—not hinders—your workout experience. ($36; amazon.com)


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