These Smartwool Socks Are My Go-To For Any Winter Activity

Five years ago I received a Christmas gift that changed my life—a pair of Smartwool socks. All these years later and they're the only socks I'll buy during the wintertime.

Blue heathered Smartwool socks

Here's Why I Love My Smartwool Socks

I'm from Wisconsin, the land of long, harsh winters. That said, I'm practically an expert in keeping warm—if you need recommendations for long underwear, giant winter coats, or snow boots, I've got you covered. But the one piece of winter gear I'm absolutely passionate about is my Smartwool socks.

I've been a fan of wool socks for many years, but I could never find a pair that was quite right: They were often too bulky, itchy, or sweaty. Enter Smartwool. They're made of merino wool, meaning they're soft, moisture-wicking, odor-neutralizing, and thinner than regular wool. No matter how long I'm on my feet, how strenuous of an activity I'm performing, indoors or out, my feet are always comfortably warm-but-never-sweaty in my Smartwools. My test is shoveling my extra-long driveway: If a pair of socks can handle the weird combination of frigid weather and excessive sweating from heaving heavy snow, it's a winner. Smartwools tackle the situation in stride, leaving my feet feeling cushioned and never clammy. And they'll not only hold up in the moment, but in the long-term, too. I've owned the same pair of Smartwool socks for five years and they're still going strong.

Another thing I love about Smartwools are their vast variety of heights, thicknesses, levels of padding, and patterns. I have three basic types of Smartwools I wear on a daily basis depending on the situation: thinner everyday socks (the Margarita is my personal favorite), slightly thicker socks with an extra layer of padding on the bottom for colder days (I like the Jovian stripe), and sweater-like, ultra-cozy socks (the Popcorn is a lounge-around-the-house fave).

If you're slightly obsessed with your socks like me, you'll rock your Smartwools all the way into spring as part of a hip socks-and-Birkenstocks combo. But if not, I highly recommend this brand to get you through any situation winter throws at you.