Watch Your Step: Find the Right Fitbit to Inspire You

Whether you enjoy the simple things in life or you're tech-savvy, we've done the work for you and searched the internet to find the perfect Fitbit to match your active lifestyle.

Black Fitbit Iconic with black band and white clock face. photo

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Fitbit Iconic: For the Tech-Savvy

Once you put the Fitbit Iconic on your wrist, you'll soon find out this isn't your everyday activity tracker. With its four-day battery life and GPS features, you won't miss a step on any of life's adventures. This Fitbit has a sleek unisex design that will match everything from office wear to athleisure so you can stay on track no matter the occasion. Thanks to this Fitbit's water resistance, you no longer have to worry about taking it off before you jump in the shower. Go ahead. Wear it all day every day—literally. ($300;

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Fitbit Iconic Adidas Edition with large red clock face and blue band. photo

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Fitbit Iconic: Adidas Edition

Show off your brand loyalty while taking your fitness goals to a whole new level with the Fitbit Iconic Adidas Edition. Whether you're lifting weights or hiking on a trail, your fitbit will make it out without a scratch—literally, courtesy of the scratch-resistant screen. If you'd rather get your workout in by swimming laps at the pool, it's no problem for the Adidas Fitbit; the swim-proof activity tracker will monitor your endurance and the calories you've burned. In addition to all the great features of the standard Fitbit Iconic, the Adidas Edition grants you access to Adidas Train, which offers unique workouts and coaching to improve your running game. When breaking a sweat wear your fitbit with the sport band, and for date night make it a little fancier with the leather band. ($330;

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Fitbit Alta HR with a slim pink band. photo

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Fitbit Alta HR: Cute & Simple

Add a pop of color to your daily outfit when you wear the Fitbit Alta HR, an activity tracker that gets the job done with simplicity and ease of navigation. This Fitbit tracks your steps, heart rate, and gives you an idea of how many calories you've burned all in one small pink band. After your Kayla Itsines workout or before you hit the sack, sync with your phone's mobile app to store progress and inspire you for the next day. ($180;

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Small gray and black Fitbit Zip with simple blue screen and clip on the back. photo

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Fitbit Zip: A Hidden Gem

If your active lifestyle begs for a Fitbit, but you want to save your wrists for the latest trends and accessories, we hear you. Discreetly track your steps all day long when you fasten the Fitbit Zip to your clothes. This Fitbit isn't like the others. Instead of a wristband you can clip the activity tracker to your bra, belt, or waistband to track steps without the device being seen. Your information automatically syncs with its paired smartphone as the day goes on so you can always check your progress without taking off the Fitbit. ($60;

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Black Fitbit Charge 2 with black band and white clock face. photo

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Fitbit Charge 2: Maximize Your Workouts

Ban the boredom of doing the same old workout and bring back the fun in fitness goals. This sleek activity tracker is your ticket to getting back your workout inspiration. If the Fitbit Charge 2 notices you haven't been active in a while, a gentle reminder to walk more displays to ensure you crush your daily step goal. Bonus: This Fitbit also tracks your sleep habits including the quality and length, as well as any interruptions you had throughout the night. ($150;

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Fitbit Flex 2 with slim black, blue and pink band options. photo

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Fitbit Flex 2: Slim & Stylish

If wearing a Fitbit doesn't exactly match your outfit for the day, don't sweat it; the Fitbit Flex 2 has you covered. When you purchase the bangle and pendant accessories, the removable tracker allows you to choose how you track steps. Wear your Fitbit as a necklace or dazzling bracelet at the office. Then switch it back to the original band before bed so you can rest comfortably while it tracks your sleep before that early a.m. yoga class. ($60,

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