The 6 Best Headphones for Every Budget

Turn up the music and have a jam-out sesh because we found an array of headphones ranging from worth-the-splurge to won't-break-the-bank.

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The Most Budget-Friendly: Heyday Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

We all know headphones seem to have a knack for disappearing. The solution, other than being extra responsible, is buying a pair that won't break the bank even if you have to rebuy them once they've been misplaced. Enter these trendy earbuds from Target. Available in four modern colors, these headphones will look good, sound good, and make sure your wallet stays happy. ($10;

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Noise-isolating headphones with wood decal from Amazon photo

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Won't Wreck Your Wallet: Symphonized In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones

Finding a quality yet affordable pair of wired headphones can be daunting at times; that's why when we found this pair by Symphonized we had to pinch ourselves. At only $26 these high-quality headphones deliver powerful audio with clear acoustics, a deep base, and a noise-isolating feature for optimal comfort when listening. Available in multiple styles and three silicon ear tip sizes, these headphones are a no-brainer. ($26;

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Best Under $50: Tribit Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

With more than 1,100 five-star customer reviews, these moderately priced headphones are worth checking out. Engineered with 40mm soundstage drivers to produce rich sound quality and an adjustable headband complete with plush leather ear cushions, these headphones are of a higher caliber than most other wireless headphones at this price point. Considering they're just $40, we suggest you try them out for yourself. ($40;

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A Mid-Priced Option: Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

If you're looking for a more affordable yet comparable alternative to Apple Airpods, check out these headphones from Urban Outfitters. Equipped with easy-to-connect Bluetooth capability and up to three hours of nonstop playback, these earbuds are the ideal affordable hands-free option. They come in black, pink, and white, and we're officially recommending this pair for anyone looking for a great mid-priced option. ($49, usually $69;

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White wireless earbuds from Anthropologie photo

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Worth the Investment: Kreafunk bGEM Wireless Headphones

Bluetooth compatible, these wireless headphones won't hold you back from a killer workout—they offer up to four hours of listening time. And thanks to the remote functions attached to the side of the earbuds, you can easily skip from one song to the next, answer phone calls, and adjust the volume with the click of a button. Complete with a detachable neck cord (ideal for your intense kick-boxing workouts), these earbuds are the total package. ($148;

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The Most Splurge-Worthy: Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Last but not least, a headphone roundup would be incomplete without a pair of Beats. These iconic, splurge-worthy headphones may have a high price point, but that's entirely justifiably due to their outstanding quality. This high-tech pair can now take calls and activate Siri thanks to the multifunction on-ear controls. Additionally, this Bluetooth set boasts up to 40 hours of battery life, making it perfect to transition directly from work to workout. (from $170, usually $200;

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