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The Price Is Right: Headphones for All Budgets

Turn up the music and have a jam-out sesh because we have the lowdown on headphones ranging from worth-the-splurge to wallet-saving.

Wireless for Less

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Presenting budget-friendly wireless headphones that deserve a standing ovation. The Happy Plugs Wireless Headphones deliver an outstanding sound for a reasonable price. Without a cord connecting to your device, you'll be able to enjoy a hassle-free workout and up to five hours of uninterrupted music. The stylish design will have you looking fabulous while pumping some iron, and the Bluetooth compatibility feature gives you total control of your playlist with just a click of a button. ($90;


Go for Gold

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Glam up your work attire with headphones that are finished in rose gold crystal embellishment. Ditch those boring earbuds you have hiding in your desk and show your coworkers that you have some serious swag. The touch of sparkle complements that hint of sass you need to get you through the long day. A slim headband keeps these headphones light, so the only thing weighing you down is work. Make the day go by faster by listening to music with these affordable yet flashy Skinnydip headphones. ($56;


Not-a-Budget-Breaker Headphones

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If you're like me, you like to get a bang for your buck when it comes to headphones. I hate when I purchase a headphone set that, well—sucks. So throw away your annoying headphones with only one semi-functional speaker and try the Happy Plugs Earbud Headphones that won't ruin your style or bank account. These headphones come in fun colors to inspire your next dance sesh—yeah, we all do it. Get to work on refining your happy dance because these budget-friendly headphones are just what you need to rock out. ($24;


Beats Headphones on a Budget

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Deliver a rich sound that is literally music to your ears with the new and improved Beats Solo 2 Luxe Edition. Beats headphones are known for their superior sound quality and high style, and this model is no exception. With four colors to choose from and noise-canceling capability, these headphones have us saying, "Yes, please!" Some Beats can cost upwards of $400, so while these headphones are in the upper-mid range, they're a great value for the excellent quality. Get in the zone before a workout and exceed your fitness goals with a little help from Beats headphones. ($200;

GET THESE BEATS HEADPHONES Brilliant Brilliant photo

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Time to channel your inner Beyoncé: Dance and sing like nobody's watching when you listen to your Buttons Bluetooth headphones. With a pretty, chic design, these wireless headphones allow you to move freely with zero problems. When you're not rocking out, the magnetic discs clasp around your neck to keep the headphones secured—finally, no more tangled cords. So grab your single lady friends and head to the gym for a kickass workout inspired by these stunning wireless headphones. ($200;


No Distraction, No Problem

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Shut out all the distractions from life and get lost in the music. These Caeden wireless headphones feature a unique noise-isolation technology that allows you to enjoy all the intricate layers of your favorite tunes. Bluetooth, iOS, and Android compatibility make these headphones convenient, and the sleek design adds some serious class and sophistication. With the battery lasting up to 30 hours, these wireless headphones can immerse you in the most popular songs all day long. ($200;


FUQING Awesome Headphones

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We know all of those rock concerts are starting to catch up to your hearing, so finding headphones with impeccable sound is just what you need. These FUQING headphones offer a clear sound so you can hear every beat to the drum. Noise-cancelling functionality lets you hone in on the super bass tone. A low- to mid-range product without sacrificing quality, these headphones could be the best find for you. So flash back to the fun times you had hair flipping and jamming out, because these headphones will make you want to relive the glory days. ($72;


Run to the Beat Headphones

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Run your next marathon wearing Beats by Dr. Dre Flash Powerbeats. You'll love sprinting wireless with Bluetooth technology so nothing will get in the way of taking you to the finish line. An over-ear latch and ergonomic design ensure these earbuds will stay put when you decide to kick it in high gear. Beats are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but most people say they're totally worth it. With up to 12 hours of battery life, these headphones will help you finish every race with a dynamic sound that will keep you pushing for more. ($200;


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