The Top 10 Yoga Essentials for Every Type of Practice

Both beginners and expert yogis will love these accessories from Walmart's wide selection of must-have yoga supplies.

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Blue seven-piece Everyday Essentials yoga set from Walmart photo

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Everyday Essentials GoYoga 7-Piece Set

Whether you're new to yoga or have been practicing for years, this is the essential yoga kit all yogis should have in their arsenal. Complete with a yoga mat and carrying strap, two blocks, a mat towel, a hand towel, a strap, and a knee pad, this set has all the tools to ensure your practice is challenging and safe. If the soothing blue color isn't your favorite, Walmart offers six other options to choose from. ($20, usually $25;

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Orange Yoga Direct bolster from Walmart photo

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Yoga Direct Supportive Bolster

Support alignment and relieve tension and pain during your practice with the help of this yoga bolster. Perfect for restorative poses, its soft cotton covering and supportive six-pound rectangular body are a steal at only $20. With eight colors to choose from and over 100 positive reviews, we suggest you add this to your cart ASAP. ($20, usually $40;

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Blue Gaiam yoga mat with a peacock print from Walmart photo

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Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

Inject some personality into your practice with the help of one of these bold printed mats. Whether you prefer an elegant peacock print or a soothing oceanscape option, there's sure to be a cool design that fits your personality. And with a cushiony 6mm thickness and a grippable non-slip surface, each mat will keep you stable from simple down dogs to complex headstands. (From $19, usually $30;

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Blue Sure Grip water bottle from Walmart photo

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Sure Grip Water Bottle

Staying properly hydrated is key for any effective workout regimen, and your new yoga practice is no different. Ensure you're replenishing your body after each flow with this 20 oz. Gaiam water bottle that's non-toxic and BPA-free. The glass bottle has a protective sleeve to help prevent accidental breakage and a convenient carrying strap for easy on-the-go use. Plus, the stainless steel cap is leak-proof, so you can throw this bottle in your gym bag without worrying about potential spills. (From $12, usually $15;

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Purple Gaiam yoga mat towel from Walmart photo

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Gaiam Stay-Put Yoga Mat Towel

Trying out a hot yoga class for the first time? As evident by the name, you're going to get pretty hot and sweaty, and your mat is likely to get slippery in the process. Protect yourself from sliding around with the help of a slip-proof towel mat, like this five-star option. It wraps around the mat to ensure every square inch is covered, and since it's made of microfiber materials, it absorbs twice as much sweat as a cotton mat and dries in half the time. ($15, usually $20;

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Black Gaiam grippy barre socks from Walmart photo

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Gaiam Grippy Barre Socks

If you're a bit hesitant to try yoga in a public studio with bare feet (especially on a shared mat!), we understand. That's why we love these grippy socks, which not only protect your feet from any potential germs but also help to ensure you're not slipping across your mat during class. The socks' criss-cross straps will ensure they stay put from Sun A to Savasana—and they'll look cute while doing it. ($8, usually $12;

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Blue Gaiam yoga wheel from Walmart photo

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Eco Yoga Wheel

Whether you're ready to finally nail that backbend in 2020 or just looking to increase your flexibility, you'll want to have this yoga wheel on hand. The innovative tool is made from the same cushioned material as Gaiam's yoga mats to provide non-slip comfort throughout your practice. Use it to stretch your core, safely move into a backbend, or release spine or chest pain for even more mobility. ($32, usually $40;

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Black yoga strap from Walmart photo

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Evolve Yoga Strap

Your yoga practice isn't complete without a yoga strap, which will help you improve your flexibility and hold challenging poses for a longer amount of time. This strap is six feet in length, ideal for any yoga practice from Bikram to Vinyasa, whether you're at home or in the studio. At only $4, it's an easy and inexpensive way to improve your practice and increase your mobility. ($4;

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Pink Weider dumbbell from Walmart photo

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Weider Neoprene Dumbbell

Building up strength is an essential part of any yoga practice, and these dumbbells will help you build lean muscle that will better your sequence. Choose a pair of weights ranging from one to 10 pounds, or consider purchasing a few sets in various weights to increase your strength over time. Since they're coated in neoprene material, they won't slip or roll around no matter what you're using them for. (From $1;

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Green Cargo yoga mat bag from Walmart photo

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Cargo Yoga Mat Bag

Easily transport your yoga mat from your home to the studio thanks to this hands-free mat bag. Featuring an adjustable shoulder strap, front pockets for easy storage, and a full zip closure, this bag doubles as a purse and mat carrier all in one. (From $16, usually $20;

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