Water Never Tasted Better, Thanks to These 6 Unique Infusers

Whether you're hosting a party or looking to kick your own beverage up a notch, these six stylish infusers will can change the way you enjoy your water.

A black and white bottle next to a slice of coconut
Black and white water bottle infuser with a sleeve from Amazon photo

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Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

At first glance, this may look like a simple water bottle but thanks to the included fruit infuser, it's so much more. Fill the inner compartment of the Infusion Po Premium water bottle with limes and lemons to enjoy a lightly flavored, refreshing drink. Bonus: The included sleeve helps maintain the liquid's temperature and helps to eliminate bottle sweat. (from $20, amazon.com)

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Infuser water bottle with motivational words on it and a pink lid from Macy's photo

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Graphic Infuser

Pump yourself up with this graphic infuser, inscribed with a fun, motivational quote. Enjoy your favorite flavored drinks with ease by filling the center area with colorful fruits. Plus, the bright colors will look aesthetically pleasing behind the words on the bottle. ($10, usually $15; macys.com)

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Clear pitcher with an infuser and lemons from Target photo

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Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Surprise your guests with a glass of refreshing lemon water thanks to this gorgeous infuser pitcher. The large pitcher can hold up to 92 ounces of water and can be easily cleaned once the party is over since the parts are detachable. So whether you're hosting a large dinner or having a small, intimate gathering, you'll have no problem switching up your beverages with this break-resistant pitcher. It also makes a beautiful table centerpiece . ($20; target.com)

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Brass colored stainless steel water bottle with a clear middle from Neiman Marcus photo

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Flavour U See Insulated Water Bottle

Once you've put on your smartwatch and laced up your sneakers, don't forget to grab this sleek and insulated water bottle before heading to the gym. Not only does it feature a see-through center, where fruits and herbs can reside, but it also comes equipped with double-wall insulation. Whether your workout lasts 20 minutes or an hour, this stainless steel bottle will keep your beverage cold throughout. ($20; neimanmarcus.com)

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Green water bottle with a clear middle and fruit from Walmart photo

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Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

For less than $15 you can upgrade your favorite water bottle to this eye-catching infuser. It's spill-proof and has a minimalist design, which makes for a quick, easy, and dishwasher-safe cleanup. Before hitting the gym, fill the small fruit basket with sliced oranges then twist the built-in juicer securely into the bottom of the bottle for instant flavor enhancement. ($14; walmart.com)

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Black and white water bottles with tea herbs from Anthropologie photo

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Welly Travel Water Bottle

If you thought water bottle infusers were reserved for fruits alone, you've clearly never laid eyes on one of these fashionable and reusable Welly Travel water bottles, made specifically for loose-leaf tea. Fill the top portion of these bottles with the tea of your choosing and the calming flavors willsteep in your water. Made from bamboo, stainless steel, and silicone, we recommend hand-washing this bottle after each use. ($34; anthropologie.com)

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