A Water Bottle for Any Activity

Summer is here and the days are hot and long. Get a water bottle you can trust for every activity.


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The Gym Companion

Juggling your wallet, keys, and water bottle when you go to the gym is a huge hassle and very annoying. Contigo responded with the Autoseal Kangaroo Water Bottle to take care of that problem. With a storage compartment right on the side, you are able to keep your ID, gym pass, money, and keys all within easy reach. Don't worry about finding a locker to rent when all of your belongings can stay with you during your workout. ($17; jet.com)

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In It for the Long Haul

Stay hydrated in style at work with a S'well stainless-steel water bottle. The white marble design gives it a classic look that is business-professional. When you're putting in extra hours at the office, you need a water bottle to work as long and hard as you do. This sleek sipper features ThermaS'well insulation that will keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours. It can keep your favorite caffeinated drinks warm as well. Switch it up and use the bottle for hot tea or coffee that will stay warm up to 12 hours. ($25-$45; nordstrom.com)

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Take Me to Yoga

Keep it glassy with a Lifefactory glass water bottle. This innovative water bottle is made with durable glass that has no chemical leaching, so you can sip on pure, delicious water during your hot yoga class. The silicone sleeve surrounding the glass bottle helps prevent breakage if dropped and gives you a better grip. The convenient handle makes it easy for carrying to and from your workout. Say goodbye to plastic for good and opt for this classy glass water bottle that will last a lifetime. ($25; jet.com)

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Flava Flavorful

Quench a big thirst with flavored water. The Bobble Infuse water bottle allows you to add your favorite fruits or vegetables without drinking the seeds and pulp. Let's face it— drinking plain water can get boring and keep us from drinking as much water as we should. Add some strawberries or cucumbers for a more satisfying taste that will give you the nutrients you need. Offered in many colors, this trendy water bottle is perfect for the studio, the office, or weekend road trips. ($15; bedbathandbeyond.com) (Do you struggle getting all the water you need for the day? Follow these hydration tips every fit girl needs.)

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Hydration for Hiking

Enjoy the outdoors without getting dehydrated with the Hydro Flask. Meant for long summer days when the sun is hot, this water bottle is lightweight and vacuum insulated, so keeping water cold for hours is no problem. It's easy to store in a backpack or cup holder, making this stainless-steel water bottle perfect for hiking or off-road adventures. Try the flex cap for everyday use or the sport cap for quick hydration when your heart is pumping. ($33; hydroflask.com)

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Motivational Moves

What keeps you going when your motivational friend is away? A motivational water bottle! Know when to hydrate yourself with a time tracker labeled on the side. It shows you how much you should drink throughout the day and at what time. Kick up the nutrients and vitamins by cutting up a variety of fruits and putting them in the infusion basket for a crisper taste. This water bottle will be your new best friend after your first use. ($16; femmefitalefitclub.com)

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The Space Saver

Travel easier and lighter with a Hydrapak Stash flexible water bottle—a water bottle that collapses when it is not filled. Think of all the room you will save in your backpack or carry-on when you are not using it. Easy to fill and clean, this collapsible water bottle can go everywhere with you to keep you hydrated. The convenient water bottle also comes with the Watergate to prevent spilling and splashing when drinking out of wide-mouth bottles. ($53; jet.com)

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Healthy Habit

If you want up your healthy habits and minimize plastic usage as much as possible, the Bino glass water bottle is for you. Glass and silicone are the major players in this water bottle, giving you crisp, clean hydration with a comfortable grip that resists shattering. Simply remove the colorful silicone sleeve and place in the dishwasher to clean. Whether you're on your way to barre or kickboxing class, this water bottle is sure to keep you refreshed. ($20; urbanoutfitters.com)

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Spin & Sips

Up the intensity of your spin workouts with Lululemon's Purist Cycling Water Bottle. This squeezable water bottle was made for high speeds and is perfect for those times when you need a quick drink in between breaks. Take it along on your next cycling excursion, too. The water bottle will fit great on a bike for easy access when needed. The 100 percent recyclable water bottle is environmentally friendly and BPA-free, so all you have to worry about is drinking enough water to quench your thirst and stay hydrated. ($18; lululemon.com)

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Double Trouble

What's better than one water bottle? Two. Sprint your way into hydration with Camelbak ARC 2 Belt water bottles. Don't worry about carrying them with you on the run; strap the bottles to your waist for easy access right where it should be. Not only are the water bottles an easy grab, but they are also BPA-free so you don't have worry about a bad aftertaste. Go for a personal record, because this bounce-free belt lets you enjoy everything from those short sprints to long runs. ($50; camelbak.com) (Learn how to stay hydrated while training for a marathon.)

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