Waterproof Tech You Need This Summer

Take your phone, camera, or other devices with you to the pool this summer without the worry. The waterproof products are convenient and handy while you soak up the water and sun.


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Sweat Your Best

Don't let your sweat sesh ruin your iPhone. Keep your phone protected with the Incase sports armband. The touch screen cover makes it super easy to navigate your apps, and the adjustable band makes for a secure fit. You can still jam to your favorite tunes even through your most intense workouts to keep you motivated thanks to the sweat-resistant design. So don't hold back and unleash your inner workout warrior -- this armband can can take the heat. ($40; bestbuy.com)

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Be Lifeproof

With all of your adventures and life's unexpected twists and turns, you need a phone case that's, well, life-proof. Protect your phone from all the elements with a Lifeproof case. Whether you're out in the water, snow, or dirt, your phone will be covered. Get a Snapchat pic with your favorite filter in the pool without the fear of getting splashed. Choose from a variety of fun colors that best suits your personality and continue your active lifestyle without the worry. ($90; lifeproof.com)

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Beach Jams

Music soothes the soul and is great for any event with friends and family. This summer, take the music with you to the beach, on the boat, or to the pool with this water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. Pair your phone and rock out to your favorite playlist that everyone can enjoy. This speaker also comes in four cool colors and has a USB port for another connection option. Chill out and soak up some sun to crisp, clear tunes. ($120; urbanoutfitters.com) (If you love the beach and you love to work out, visit the healthiest beaches for fitness lovers.)

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The Everyday Fitbit

Fitbit finally released a waterproof activity tracker that you can swim or shower in. Stay active and motivated to reach your fitness goals with the Fitbit Flex 2. This small waterproof device is packed with a lot of helpful features including keeping track of calories burned, total steps, and sleep quality. The ultra-slim tracker can be removed and hidden in bands, bangles, or pendants so you never have to compromise your style. With a battery life of up to five days, this everyday waterproof activity tracker will help you stay on top of your fitness stats. ($100; bloomingdales.com)

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Swimmer's Earbuds

Enjoy gliding through the pool to your favorite playlist with some awesome waterproof earbuds. Just connect to your waterproof MP3 device and dive in. (Here are some options if you don't already own a waterproof device

.) These waterproof headphones maintain excellent sound quality without muffling, and the wrap-around design shouldn't get in the way of your head gear. Enjoy swimming without the hassle of cords and make time fly by taking the music with you on your next swim. ($110; amazon.com)

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Waterproof Watch

Go from the gym to the shower to the office without forgetting to put your watch back on. This water-resistant watch is comfortable enough to withstand your morning workout and stylish enough to wear to work. You can even swim some laps at the pool and keep track of your time, since this watch can handle being submerged up to 30 meters. This simple, white, silicone-banded watch has a classic style that's ideal for daily wear. ($50; macys.com) (While you're working up a sweat, check out sweatproof makeup that will hold up against your toughest workouts.)

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Pool Pics

Capture the memories wherever you go with a waterproof camera. This camera can handle up to 10 feet of water, so taking pictures at the pool is safe and easy to do. The 18 megapixels will produce images that are clear for your next scrapbook, and the camera's shock- and freeze-resistant qualities make it perfect for all your outdoor adventures. Our favorite part is the double LCD screens. With front and back screens, this waterproof camera is selfie-approved! Remember all the fun times and don't let one moment go uncaptured with this waterproof Polaroid digital camera. ($77; walmart.com)

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Sweat it Out

Long runs can sometimes get boring, so switch it up by listening to some music and make that long run go by in a flash. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds are water and sweatproof, ensuring a running companion that can handle it all -- even those rainy-day jogs. Besides having a secure fit, the waterproof earbuds have a fast-charging battery that delivers up to six hours of beat-pumping music to power you through your workout. Convenient controls allow you to pause and play, skip songs, and even answer calls without having to fumble for your phone. ($80; amazon.com)

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