The Best Food Storage Containers to Meal Prep for the New Year

New year, new you! If you're thinking of finally mastering meal prepping this year, you may have added it to your New Year's resolutions list. But if we're being honest, New Year's resolutions can be tricky to follow through with as the year goes on—especially when it involves taking the time to plan your meals advance. But investing in the right tools can help lead to success and turn the process into something you'll actually look forward to from start to finish. So whether you're meal prepping to save money, eat healthier, or reduce your waste, get ready to keep on crushing your New Year's resolutions with the help of these handy food storage containers.

Glass meal prep containers with built-in compartments and locking lids photo

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Meal Prep Containers That Can Last Forever: Glass Food Storage Containers

With proper care and maintenance, glass food storage containers can have an incredible lifespan. Cutting down on replacements not only saves you money, but it helps reduce waste and lessen your environmental footprint as well. As an added benefit, glass containers don't absorb food odors or stains, and the simple, clear design lets you show off that gorgeous salad or grilled-to-perfection chicken you brought for lunch. Glass containers are durable and easy to wash—most can even be run through the dishwasher on the top rack. Prep anything from glazed salmon to smoothie bowls without worry, as the locking lids of this particular set allow for effective sealing and minimal leakage. ($34, usually $39;

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Meal Prep Containers That Won't Break: Mira Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless steel containers have a major advantage—they're extremely durable. This material can resist fork scratches and handle accidental drops like it's nothing. This set nests together for efficient storage and looks great when paired together in your lunch box. The size options are ideal for making sure you pack everything you need to resist spending money on another lunch out. ($18;

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Meal Prep Containers for Ultimate Freshness: Vac 'N Save Storage Containers

Airtight containers work great for keeping your food fresh, but vacuum-sealable containers take things a step further. The hand pump included in this set removes the air inside the container after the lid is sealed, helping to ensure a better environment for keeping food fresh longer. Use these containers to keep air from turning dry snacks stale, or use it to store everything from your leftover pasta to your meal-prepped quinoa bowl. ($22;

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Meal Prep Containers for Freezing Meals: Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers

For some people, a major drawback of meal prepping can be the boredom of eating the same meals too many times in a row. Save yourself from meal-prep burnout by freezing leftovers to reheat later. These freezer-safe food storage containers by Rubbermaid are made with BPA-free Tritan that's safe for use in the freezer, microwave, and even the dishwasher. The different sizes make sure you're set to prep your snacks, sides, and entrées. ($20;

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Meal Prep Containers for Portion Control: Fit and Fresh Portion Containers

Making sure your diet includes enough vitamins and nutrients is an important part of meal prepping. One way to do this is to make sure proper portions of all of the major food groups are being included in the planned meals. Using meal prep containers that show specific measurements can help you visualize how much food a portion really is and provide motivation to include all food groups. These containers even have non-toxic, removable ice packs built into the lids for safe food storage. Pop them in the fridge for extended temperature control, and when you're done throw them on the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleanup. ($13;

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