Three Editors With Different Eating Habits Tried This Popular Science-Backed Weight-Loss Program—Here Are Their Honest Reviews

WW's (Weight Watchers Reimagined) new personalized program, myWW, offers customized plans to fit your healthy lifestyle. Read what our editors had to say. Bonus: Receive 45 percent off three months of WW digital now.

Why a Custom Weight Loss Plan?

Science, nutrition, and fitness all play instrumental roles in successfully losing weight, but what about our unique lifestyle choices? Behaviors and eating habits, not to mention personal preferences, differ for everyone, so it only makes sense that weight-loss plans should, too. This is the concept behind myWW, WW's latest science-backed program that uses an evidence-based personal assessment to determine the diet plan that best fits you. Plus, the plan is proven to make losing weight easier.*

This personal assessment doesn't just focus on your weight-loss goals. It incorporates activity level, personal eating habits, and lifestyle aspects to decide which plan would prove most effective for you. "It is scientifically proven that customized approaches lead to greater engagement and more behavior change than generic approaches," says Gary Foster, PhD, chief scientific officer at WW. "The new myWW program enables people to live their lives and still lose weight. We will match you to the right plan, the one that is the most freeing and flexible for you and gives you the confidence to succeed."

Intrigued? Our editors were, too, so three of them put WW's most customized weight loss program ever to the test. Scroll on to read their honest reviews of the science-backed plans.

Lindsey's Experience

I'm a remote employee, but despite not leaving home for work, I'm still all about that meal-prep life. I find it easy to sit at my desk all day, so I try to work out two to three times a week with a spin class, a run, or a walk around the neighborhood. I was looking for a plan that would feel less restrictive than the diets I've previously tried. In the past, my diets failed because they felt super constraining—any time there was a food that I "wasn't allowed to eat," all I could think about was eating it.

My personal assessment matched me with the Green Plan, which had a larger daily SmartPoint budget and unlimited ZeroPoint fruits and non-starchy vegetables. Having to track most of my meals was great for me because it held me accountable to what I was eating. Instead of loading up on pasta, which would have cost me half my daily SmartPoint allowance, I mindfully chose to mix in vegetables that were filling and allowed me to save room for other indulgences.

I loved that nothing was off limits with myWW. I could even save up my bonus SmartPoints for the weekend so I could have a more indulgent meal, dessert, or a glass of wine. During Thanksgiving especially, the added WeeklyPoints were a lifesaver—I didn't feel like I was missing out on any of my favorite meals. I also was able to avoid overeating like I might have in the past.

My experience with myWW has been great, and I plan on continuing with the plan! While I'm excited about losing six pounds in just two weeks,* I'm more excited about making healthier choices while simultaneously not depriving myself of treats. This plan feels like a win-win.

Stephanie's Experience

I was excited to give myWW a try after attempting plenty of diets in the past, especially once I learned that 90 percent of myWW participants reported that it felt more like a lifestyle program than a diet. Given my past experience, I knew having to track every little thing I put in my mouth would be too overwhelming and set me up for failure. This is mainly because I'm a big snacker, meaning I'm more likely to graze throughout the day instead of sitting down to eat solid meals. I was looking for a plan that would lead me to eat more nutritious, wholesome foods without becoming a slave to tracking in my phone. After taking my personal assessment, which asked me a range of questions about my diet, exercise, and eating habits, I was matched with the Purple Plan.

The Purple Plan has a smaller amount of SmartPoints—the amount of points per day deemed within the healthy range—but more than 300+ ZeroPoint foods, which don't go toward your daily SmartPoints balance. These ZeroPoint foods include lean protein, veggies, fruits, and whole grains (yes, I said whole grains!). The ZeroPoint list proved to be hugely helpful because I knew I could graze on carrots, apples, oatmeal, air-popped popcorn, and more throughout the day without having to write them down. When I was ready for something outside that list, I simply added it to my SmartPoints balance.

I loved not just the flexibility of the program, but also how it taught me healthy eating habits for the future. By reaching for nutritionist-approved and science-backed ZeroPoint foods, I had more energy, less brain fog, and greater peace of mind knowing I was eating mindfully but not obsessively. Especially in the midst of the holiday season, myWW has been a wonderful tool to have on hand. I feel like I can fit in all my favorite holiday treats and won't need to "get back on track" starting in January. I've even lost two pounds* in two weeks and counting! I'll definitely be continuing on with the Purple Plan.

Chelsey's Experience

I would say I live a fairly healthy lifestyle. I try to track my calories, practice intermittent fasting, and work out often, but due to my busy work schedule and recent holiday festivities, my eating structure has been somewhat interrupted. I've tried WW with success in the past and was excited to get back on track with the new customized program.

After taking my assessment test I was matched with the Blue Plan, which allows for a moderate daily SmartPoint budget and allotted extra Weekly points for indulgences. I also loved finding out that lean meats, veggies, fruits, and plain yogurt were all ZeroPoints!

The Blue Plan offered the perfect mix of flexibility and structure that I needed. Tracking throughout the day allowed me to be really clear and intentional with what I was and was not eating. Plus, knowing I could turn to ZeroPoint foods whenever I needed an extra snack or meal idea was helpful; that allowed me to mindfully indulge in some of my favorites, like peanut butter and cheese and crackers.

I was excited to learn that 94 percent of participants agreed that myWW helps to teach skills to actually keep the weight off, not just lose it. In the past couple weeks, I've noticed that I've been more intentional with my eating habits without missing out on any great holiday foods and treats. I feel healthier and more confident despite no change in my busy lifestyle and feel like I have a better nutritional understanding of the foods I'm eating.