10 Easy Cooking Cookbooks That Will Satisfy Any Time-Crunched Craving

If you let loose after a long day at work by cooking up a difficult main course like the chef Gordon Ramsay, more power to you On the other hand, if you enjoy a delicious dinner but are more of a "quick and easy" connoisseur, never fear mealtime again with our one-stop-shop for easy cooking cookbooks.


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Simple, Yet Satisfying, Slow Cooker Cuisines

After you had moved into your first apartment, you probably inherited one of these slow-cooking sensations from your parents. Maybe recently you were even able to upgrade that second-hand meal-maker thanks to a wedding shower which you can then pass down to your future children in a couple of decades. The point is, slow cookers have been around for generations because they last forever and take the difficulty out of making dinner. It doesn't get any easier than tossing a few key ingredients into a pot, plugging it in, and coming home to a sweet-smelling space. Cook up a tasty cuisine from The Classic Slow Cooker cookbook by Judy Hannemann and treat yourself to a home-cooked meal. ($24; qvc.com)

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Perfectly Painless Paleo Recipes

You know the saying, "so easy a caveman could do it"? Well, it only makes sense that the paleo diet, or as some call it, the "caveman diet," comes equipped with plenty of easy cooking cookbooks. Stock up on those fabulous fruits, nutritious nuts, and muscle-building meats. While this mealtime movement has been joined by many, you can now take the time out of the meal with Paleo Slow Cooker by Antares Press. Try out 60 delicious and gluten-free meals for a healthy paleo diet fit for any modern den-dweller. ($8; amazon.com)

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Budget-Friendly Bites

Tight budgets tend to result in quick and easy meals. It's true; you can enjoy ramen, PB&J, cereal, and macaroni and cheese all within minutes of getting the ingredients out of the cupboard. But remember, you're not in college anymore (though those student loan payments like to remind you it wasn't long ago). Don't let your penny-pinching ways prevent you from a good meal. Pick up a copy of Budget Bytes by food blogger Beth Moncel. She shares her secrets of over 100 healthy and delicious recipes you can easily make on a budget. You'll spend less time stewing over the stove and more time enjoying some additional salary in your pocket. ($18; jet.com)

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Accessible & Easy Meat-Free Meals

Are you a plant-powered veteran vegan? Or maybe you're a carnivore to the core but have vegetarian guests joining you for dinner? Whatever the case may be, if you need to eliminate meat or animal products altogether, you need to get your hands on an easy cooking cookbook. Look no further than The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook from America's Test Kitchen where, with over 300 recipes that take just 45 minutes or less, the only things you sacrifice are stress and time spent slaving over a meal. Not only that, but 250 recipes are vegan which means you can spend less time worrying about whether there is hidden gelatin in that sweet potato casserole (the culprit, marshmallows) and more time enjoying lively conversation around the dinner table. ($30; hsn.com)

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Effortless Cultural Eats

Got a craving for Chinese? Itching for Italian? Longing for Latin? Fear not. Your taste buds can tour the world, minus the jarring jetlag with the right cookbook. In no time, you'll be feasting as if you are in Florence thanks to Fabio's 30-Minute Italian cookbook by Fabio Viviani. With over 100 easy cooking recipes, you'll be clinking glassware with your crew and saying, "Salute!" ($24; qvc.com)

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10-Minute Meals

You just got home. Rush hour was a beast after an already long day at work, and now you have to be out the door again within the hour. Bring on the 10-minute meal. Whether your need for fast and easy cooking is due to lack of time, groceries, or just plain interest (let's face it, we're not all meant to be Giada), make sure you have some go-to options for when dinner is in a rush. Worried fast won't be favorable to your fit and healthy lifestyle? Think again. The cookbook 10-Minute Recipes: Fast Food, Clean Ingredients, Natural Health by Liana Werner-Gray has everyone covered from meat-lovers to vegan-vixens thanks to its 100-plus recipes. ($20; jet.com)

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Stress- and Gluten-Free Recipes

Whether you've gone gluten-free due to an allergy or sensitivity, or maybe just to test out the latest diet trend, the elimination of wheat and grains shouldn't put a burden on your badass lifestyle. Get some of the best, and perhaps more important, supremely simple, gluten-free recipes with Cooking Light The Gluten-Free Cookbook. All the must-haves of a gluten-free diet such as meat, eggs, fish, fruits and veggies, nuts, and rice are formulated into easy cooking recipes that will take the stress out of saying goodbye to grain. ($22; jcpenney.com)

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Make-Ahead Freezer Meals

Freezer, or make-ahead, meals are growing in popularity, and with good reason. Setting aside a little time to prepare various meals that can feed you and your family for days or even weeks can be a time- and money-saver. But it's hard to sort out the good meals from the bad. Don't waste your time or money (seriously, those grocery lists are not for the faint of heart) by diving in without some guidance. Freezer Meals: Quick and Easy Money-Saving Recipes by Jenny Davis not only gives you freezer meals, but also the bonus of budget-friendly food finds. Start clipping coupons for those freezer bags, girl, because you're about to slay this month's mealtime. ($7; amazon.com)

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Wonderful One-Pot Eats

There's something so satisfying about the thought of just "one pot" being necessary at mealtime. One pan to pull out of the cupboard. One container in which to cook. If everything could be that simple, right? The cookbook Easy One-Pot: Over 100 Tasty Recipes for Busy Cooks delivers the rich details on how to satisfy your need for good food without the cringe-worthy cleanup (sorry, dishes, Netflix is summoning). You'll love how easy cooking can be thanks to this simple, straightforward approach to dinner. ($17; jet.com)

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Damn Easy Desserts

From birthday cakes at the office to candy bars at the checkout, these sweet treats tempt us wherever we go. But when's the last time you prepared a purposeful dessert? The Zoku Quick Pops recipe book by Jackie Zorovich and Kristina Sacchi brings over 40 fabulous, frozen recipes. Freshen up your dessert choices while maintaining your commitment to easy cooking. ($17; hsn.com)

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