I Tried HelloFresh and It Completely Changed How I Meal Prep

When I felt overwhelmed by grocery shopping with little time to plan and prepare meals, I turned to HelloFresh—now I'm hooked.

My Honest Thoughts on HelloFresh

I'm not a chef, but I might as well be if you ask my friends and family. Not only did I save time with HelloFresh, I learned how to be a better cook with easy, yet creative ways to prepare staple meals. I'll never look at chicken the same way again.

My spouse is a public accountant in the midst of tax season, his busiest time of year. I tackle most of the household duties during this time and with working full-time myself, cooking was something I previously put on the back burner (pun intended). I looked into HelloFresh because I was always curious about meal delivery services and saw a deal for $90 off a plan. I thought I'd at least give it a shot with one box, but now I can officially say I am a loyal HelloFresh customer for life.

Ordering my first box was so easy and user-friendly on the HelloFresh website. You can customize your plan for a family of two or four, along with your food preference: Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Family Friendly, or Low Calorie. You're also in control of the number of recipes you receive per week with plans for two, three, or four recipes (with the option to add meals for an additional cost). I selected the meat and veggies plan for two people with four recipes a week—I needed all the help I could get. After adding my delivery preferences and payment information I was faced with the hardest part: deciding which four meals to try among the 20 mouthwatering options. My first HelloFresh box arrived with each meal pre-measured and labeled in a recyclable brown paper bag, satisfying my inner type-A personality. Enclosed in the box were easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipe cards with pictures and instructions that helped me feel more confident while cooking.

One of the reasons I've kept using HelloFresh is because of the variety in delicious offerings. Each week features a new menu inspired by tastes from across the globe. I like to spice it up with flavors from 18 areas around the world such as Italy, Asia, or India to name just a few. Most of the time I select my meals for the week using the HelloFresh app, but if I forget to make my selections it automatically chooses my meals for me (at least I don't forget how to eat). HelloFresh has also made me a better home cook because I've challenged myself to try foods I've never eaten, let alone prepared. Oftentimes the recipe cards have tips and tricks to improve my technique or variations I can make for a different taste. I love to save all my cards in a binder for later use—even the ones stained with marinara—but if I want the digital versions they're all accessible on the website.

I even got my coworkers buzzing about HelloFresh after bringing my "gourmet" leftovers for lunch. I was able to send my whole team free boxes to try for a week and they cooked up a storm. If you have a lot on your plate (another pun intended) and want to save yourself the time of meal planning, prepping, and shopping, HelloFresh has you covered.

Try HelloFresh for yourself and get $90 off a whopping 20 meals, or save 15 percent on every box if you're a current student.

Try It: HelloFresh Meal Plan, prices start at $7.49 per meal; hellofresh.com