The Movers and Shakers: Our Favorite Blender Bottles

Strong is the new sexy. Today's fit chick knows that to get the most out of your workout, you need a healthy boost. Bring it on with the help of shakers and blender bottles.


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Back to Basics Blender Bottle

If you're a no-frills fit chick who wants a low-cost blender bottle that cascades the perfect concoction of a blended beverage to that sexy stomach of yours, we hear you. It doesn't get any more cut and dry than the Blender Bottle® Classic™ 28 oz. Bottle with Loop Top. It's sort of like the OG of shakers and blender bottles. You have probably spotted one of these classics in the gym, around the office, or at the grocery store. They are straightforward in what they do; blend stuff, simple to use; flip the spout and drink, and best of all, easy to clean; top rack dishwasher safe. With a 28 oz capacity, you can pack this beauty of a blender bottle with anything from water and protein mix for shakes to more meal prep items like marinades and dressings. It easily stirs ingredients thanks to the stainless steel wire whisk. Rest assured it's BPA free, too. ($8;

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A Perfectly Polished Blender Bottle Pick

Searching for something less health club and more high-class? Look no further than the O2COOL® Trimr Duo Classic 24-oz. Water & Shaker Bottle. Stylish enough to take a stance on your desk, but sturdy enough to own its spot in the gym, this curvy blender bottle covers you from dawn to dusk. And whether you're thirsting for a sophisticated sip or hankering for some hydration, the 2-in-1 bottle satisfies with a straw or (hidden) flip-top, slurp-worthy side. Aside from its polished look, this plastic, piston-mixing blender bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe (if only everything could be, right?) as well as break and shatter-resistant so you can take it on all of life's adventures without worry. ($20;

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Blender Bottles Under $10

Spend all of your money on that gym membership? You can still buy yourself a blender bottle built to withstand the toughest of post-workout nutritional needs. The Gabor Fitness Pro Sports Octo Mixer Shaker Bottle brings all the bells and whistles without putting a cramp in your cash. Much like other shakers and blender bottles, it features a screw on lid with a secure top that flips open. But beyond that, you can also take advantage of the vitamin and supplement storage AND pack your protein powder because there's a spot for that as well. Now, it's already 6:00 a.m. You're late for the gym. ($10;

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Blender Bottles That Say Buh-Bye to BPA

If you're a person who lights up at the sight of words like, gluten-free, non-GMO, and BPA-free, you're not alone. Join like-minded soul-mates and bask in the enjoyment of shakers and blender bottles that are BPA-free. The Ello Splendid 20oz Glass Shaker Bottle is not only stylish, but also stink-, stain-, and BPA-free as well as top rack dishwasher safe. With a nonslip grip that doubles as a barrier for possible breaks, this smart blender bottle also thinks of others thanks to the silicone mixing ball (that means less noise, friends). Worry less about boycotting BPA and more about that leg day coming up. ($15;

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Blender Bottles with a Place for Powder

You're about to head out for an early morning SoulCycle class. But how do you get that sacred (and expensive) post-workout powder packed along with your shakers and blender bottles? Don't sacrifice your supplement or street cred by spilling all over before you shake things up. The contigo® Shake & Go® 22-oz. Fit Mixer Bottle stores up to two powder servings. You can bet it's BPA-free, dishwasher safe and leakproof. Better yet? Few things in life come with a guarantee but the good news it, this does. ($18;

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Stop the Insanity with Insulated Blender Bottles

You set your trusty water bottle down only to grab it a short time later and find everything is saturated around it because of condensation and your hands are bathed in icy cold H2O. Stop the insanity with insulated shakers and blender bottles that stay fluid-free on the outside. If you want one that screams tough and reliable (seriously, it can hold ice for over 30 hours), we've got one for you, inspired by a couple of pretty famous and fitness-minded brothers. Any New England Patriots fans out there? If you follow the Pats, you know their tight end, Rob Gronkowski tends to break anything he encounters. His brother, Chris, a former NFL player, decided to create and design a blender bottle that well, Rob couldn't devastate. So the Ice ShakerTM 26 oz Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle & Shaker by Chris Gronkowski was born. ($33;

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Beachbody Diet? There's a Blender Bottle for That

From P90X and Insanity to the 21 Day Fix and Focus T25, the Beachbody brand knows how to get people excited about health and fitness. Set your sights on this Santa Monica-born diet and start seeing results with the help of the Beachbody 3-DAY REFRESH SHAKER CUP. It's BPA free, offers easy to see markings on the side to keep your portions in control and perfectly pairs with the 3-Day Refresh program. Thanks to this blender bottle, you'll be binging on Shakeology for breakfast, vegging on Vanilla Shakes for lunch and dinner and, well, you know what, with that Fiber Sweep drink. Drink up with shakers and blender bottles! ($7;

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Badass Blender Bottles

You're short on time but big on the benefits of your Barry's Bootcamp post-workout high-protein soy-free vegan smoothie. A plastic cup with a wire whisk isn't going to cut it (first world problems). Not only that, you're always in a rush so an all-in-one blender bottle would be the BEST. Look no further than the Oster BLSTPB-WPK My Blend 250-Watt Blender which comes with a 20 oz. BPA-free plastic Travel Sport Bottle. It lets you assemble, blend, and binge on your favorite smoothie or shake all in the same sports bottle with one touch. Really. Throw whatever wholesome ingredients you want in the bottle, screw on the blender base to mix quickly and mess-free. The best part? The instruction manual comes with some rockin' recipes to get you started. ($41;

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