Next-Level Scales That Won't Disrupt Your Home Decor

When putting the finishing touches on your bathroom decor you don't want to ruin the aesthetic with just any old scale. Weigh your options and check out our favorites that won't disrupt your style.

Gray and white marble scale. photo

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Must-Have Marble

Who knew a scale could be so trendy? Now you won't have to hide it under the sink or tuck it away in a cabinet because this marble scale will enhance your decor instead of detracting from it. Your weigh-in will be accurate up to 400 pounds and is easy to read thanks to the large digital screen. Simply step on the scale to turn it on, view your results, and it'll automatically turn off once you're done to ensure a long battery life. ($50;

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Sharing a bathroom can sometimes be a pain, but don't stress over small disagreements like whether to go with digital or dial. With this Ozeri scale you and your roommate will each get what you want in one stylish weigh station. If your space needs a little more color choose the bright blue, or go with white to make sure it matches your linens and other accessories. ($25;

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Clear round digital scale with smartphone showing wireless capabilities. photo

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Simple Sophistication

If you've got an activity tracker to record your progress with your smartphone, you'll want to invest in a smart scale to help you reach your fitness goals. This round glass scale is great for families, pregnant women, and anyone who needs a little positive reinforcement. Download the Qardio app and it'll automatically store each person's data while keeping the information private, and women can select pregnancy mode to track their growth throughout each trimester. Bonus: The app will send notifications to your phone using smiley faces so you can feel good about your achievements. ($149;

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Square bamboo digital scale. photo

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Beautiful Bamboo

Give your washroom a modern twist while staying eco-friendly by incorporating this bamboo scale into your decor. This rustic yet modern scale features a blue backlight so you'll always be able to get a clear read on your weight, even on those mornings when you're a little groggy. Pro tip: Carry the bamboo aesthetic throughout the bathroom by getting a matching soap pump and toothbrush holder. ($35;

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Black digital scale with smartphone showing bluetooth capabilities. photo

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High-Tech & High Style

Whether you're looking to lose weight or gain muscle mass, this Bluetooth scale can keep track of your improvements through your smartphone, Fitbit, Amazon Echo, MyFitnessPal, along with other apps and devices. If you don't have your phone on you to sync your data, the scale stores it securely until you're ready to update your progress. Plus, the unique one-to-one pairing shows only your information, which is ideal if you share the scale with other members of your household. Once you step on, you'll be able to see your status on muscle mass, BMI, body fat, water weight, and bone mass. ($50;

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