10 Subscription Boxes That Will Make You a Meal Planning Pro

Finding time for meal planning can be a struggle, but with these subscription boxes you'll be gathered around the table enjoying delicious food in no time.


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Everyone has different needs when it comes to meal planning, but with eMeals the hard work is done for you. Whether you're looking to start healthier eating habits or you need a kid-friendly menu, eMeals has you covered. Once you've picked the recipes that catch your stomach's attention you'll get a detailed grocery list of all the ingredients you'll need to be your own chef. If heading to the grocery store isn't in your future, no problem, you have the option to get your ingredients delivered. ($5+; emeals.com)

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Martha & Marley Spoon

You'll no longer have to worry about meal planning when you subscribe to Martha & Marley Spoon because they do the dirty work for you. Browse through a variety of delicious recipes, choose what your taste buds desire, and get it delivered to your door. You even get to choose which day the tasty meals arrive to fit your schedule. Yes, it's that easy. Bonus: All the ingredients sent to you are proportioned to perfection so there's no food waste. ($62; marleyspoon.com)

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With 15 new recipes to choose from each week you'll never get tired of HelloFresh. The weekly delivery service sends you every ingredient you'll need to follow the step-by-step instruction cards included for each meal. You might even learn a few new tricks along the way to show off to your guests. With each meal only taking 30 minutes to create, it won't be long until your stomach is satisfied. Pick a delivery day that's most convenient for you and let's get cooking. ($60+; hellofresh.com)

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Sun Basket

If you're looking to be more environmentally friendly during the meal planning process, Sun Basket is the way to go. With their 100% recyclable packaging, you can indulge on their delicious recipes guilt-free. When the box arrives at your door, you can rest easy knowing you're putting the best of the best on your plate with their organic and humanely raised ingredients. All recipes are nutritionist-approved and will be hot and ready to eat in 30 minutes. ($72+; sunbasket.com)

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Green Blender

If there's not enough time in your day to put a hot meal on the table don't sweat it, with Green Blender you'll be ready to go in no time. Whether you're in need of high protein for a good work out or need to calm down before bed, there is a smoothie for you. Green Blender will send you five new recipes each week, which is enough to make 10 smoothies. All you'll need to plan these meals is the ingredients package and your trusty blender. Who knew satisfying your stomach could be so fast and easy? ($49+; greenblender.com)

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The stomach wants what the stomach wants, and sometimes waiting to prepare a meal is not an option. The good news is, when you have Freshly, the chefs have done all the work for you and there's only three minutes of waiting. The meals arrive already cooked, so the only thing left to do is heat and enjoy. Their ingredients are always gluten-free, all natural, and free from refined sugars. We love Freshly because it's perfect for a quick lunch or late dinner. ($50+; freshly.com)

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You can't begin meal planning without thinking about dessert. At Plated they have included dessert options into their mix of recipes to choose from. After choosing which meals look the most appetizing, you'll pick how many servings you need and everything is shipped right to your door. Download the Plated app and you can rate and review your dishes so they know what to send more of. The best part is, it's flexible and you can skip or swap recipes whenever you'd like. ($48+; plated.com)

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Home Chef

If you struggle with food allergies Home Chef won't let you miss out on the meal planning fun. When selecting your meals for the week, you can see if any meals contains certain ingredients you might need to stay away from. Home Chef can also make the journey of starting a diet easier with their low-carb and low-calorie plans. Each plan is delivered to your door worry-free with their insulated box filled with ice packs to ensure your food stays fresh. ($20+; homechef.com)

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Peach Dish

If committing to a subscription box scares you Peach Dish allows you to shop their meals as a guest. Then if you love it, which we're pretty sure you will, you can upgrade and subscribe weekly. You can shop their market and create your own meal plan or you can choose from their tasty menu and get the ingredients sent to you. Peach Dish has something for everyone with their gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Tip: Don't miss out on the dessert section to satisfy your sweet tooth. ($13+; peachdish.com)

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Food Stirs

If you are a dessert fanatic and love baking tasty treats, Food Stirs is what you'll want in your kitchen. With their baking kits, you'll receive all the organic mixes, chemical-free decorations, and easy-to-follow instructions you'll need to become a pro. Every other month Food Stirs will send a themed baking kit so your food is ready to celebrate any holiday. With the kid-friendly instructions, Food Stirs is the perfect activity for a rainy day. Let's be honest though, every day is a great day for baked goodies. ($15+; foodstirs.com)

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