Balance Boards to Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

Implement a new exercise into your fitness routine with a balance board and start strengthening core muscles and improving your posture. Take a look at these eight boards to find the right one for you.


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Bosu Balance Trainer

The Bosu Balance Trainer is like your very own personal trainer that can help you work out your body in so many different ways. Take advantage of the balance trainer's versatility and the included workout DVDs to target your abs, burn calories, or go for the full-body workout. The Bosu Balance Trainer is also handy when you need to squeeze in a quick tone-up workout. Whether you're tight on space or you're just getting started on your home gym, this balance board is a must-have addition that can take the place of bulky machines. ($100;

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Round Balance Board

Don't fear the wobble board. This wooden balance board helps you improve your stamina and maintain proper spine position along with many other physical benefits. You can use this balance board while sitting to keep your hips in alignment, or challenge your coworkers to a fun game at your standing desk. No matter how you use it, this balance trainer is extremely durable and backed by a lifetime warranty. The non-skid surface not only comes in handy during balance board exercises, but also for anyone who is using a wobble board for physical therapy. ($27;

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Simply Fit Core Workout Board

Have you already tried the traditional balance board? If you're looking for a new way to spice up your exercise, this workout board has a unique twist. Use this board with an easy twisting motion to help strengthen your core and legs. A workout DVD helps you learn even more exercises that will target other areas of the body, too. Take this lightweight and portable board with you when traveling to get a full-body workout wherever you go. ($40;

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Evolve Balance Board

Get fit at the office with this durable and portable balance board from Gaiam. The ultimate multitasker, this board was ergonomically designed to engage the muscles in your back, core, and legs while you work at a standing desk. The benefits of the Evolve Balance Board are two-fold: Keep your body active and your mind focused for improved health and productivity. Even if you don't use the balance board while you're working, it's a great tool to pull out during breaks to refocus your mind and energy. ($80;

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Carrom Balance Board

Attention, athletes: You can improve your technique and coordination with the Carrom balance board. Whether you skateboard, surf, or snowboard, work on your skills during the off-season so you can maintain balance and strength when competition time comes around. Built to last with durable plywood construction, this board is equipped to handle other exercises for your abs, legs, and arms, too. Add this board to your training regimen to work toward better balance and agility. ($45;

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Revolution Fit

Get the ultimate total-body training with the Revolution Fit to improve your balance and strengthen core muscles. This balance board has three different styles to challenge your body. Roller speeds range from medium to fast, and you can pair the board with weights or medicine balls for an even greater calorie burn. The balance board also has a lot of foot room and comfort-soft traction, so you can be more confident as you exercise. Push the limits, add some fun to your workout, and start crushing your fitness goals. ($180;

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StrongBoard Balance

Take your fitness level up a notch with StrongBoard Balance. Use the durable balance board to build up your biceps, triceps, chest, legs, and core with a variety of exercises—some of which are listed on the included workout poster. What makes this board different from other balance trainers is that it was designed without a stabilization point, which means your muscles will constantly be engaged to maintain balance. Make this board part of your home gym and start incorporating new exercises to improve your strength and flexibility. ($269;

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Cando Stone-on-Board Balance Trainer

You get the best of both worlds with a balance trainer that combines the disc and the board. This Cando balance board allows you to experiment with different stability exercises. Balance with a disc or stone depending on your skill level, and continue to challenge yourself by stacking the discs or using a smaller board as you get more practice. Balance boards are some of the most underrated pieces of exercise equipment, so don't miss out on a way to switch up your workout and reap the benefits of balance training. ($51;

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