Must-Have Gear for 5 Amazing At-Home Workouts

We rounded up some of our favorite at-home workouts that target specific areas of your body, along with the equipment you'll need so you can crush your fitness goals—without a gym membership.

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Butt Shaping with Dumbbells

Give your booty a boost with this leg and butt workout from fitness trainer Joey Gonzalez. The six-move routine incorporates weights to target fat and build muscle. If you don't have your own free weights already, this dumbbell set comes in a variety of sizes. Gonzalez recommends using a 15-pound dumbbell for best results, but you can always start with 5- or 10-pound weights and work your way up. ($70;

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Arm Toning with Resistance Bands

This arm workout is inspired by Victoria Secret Angels trainer, Justin Gelband. The slow-paced routine incorporates a resistance band to help strengthen and tone your biceps and triceps. This top-rated Black Mountain resistance band set has five levels you can mix and match to customize your workout. It also has an ankle strap, carrying case, and door anchor—which is especially handy if you don't have a partner like Gelband recommends for some exercises. ($27, usually $40;

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Abs Sculpting with a Medicine Ball

With this medicine ball in your home gym, you'll be able to shape your core more effectively. The fitness aid comes in several different sizes, but for this nine-move ab workout you'll want to stay in the 3- to 10-pound range. Its rubber material gives you a better grip than other coatings, but that doesn't mean your workout will be less challenging. Not feeling the burn? Increase each rep by five to up the intensity. (from $13, usually $20;

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Muscle Strengthening with a Foam Roller

When exercising, your muscles tighten, which can lead to decreased flexibility. Minimize soreness and stiffness by adding one of the best foam rollers to your routine. Not only will the TriggerPoint Grid 2.0 foam roller loosen tight muscles, but its ridges and surface are designed to mimic a massage therapist's hands to help relieve pain and enhance muscle recovery. Check out this foam roller workout to make the most of your new piece of exercise equipment. ($51, usually $65;

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Full-Body Workout with Sliders

When you're crunched for time but still want to squeeze in a sweat sesh, check out Autumn Calabrese's 20-minute Sliders workout. You'll need two—we like this slider pair—to complete all seven exercises. Thanks to their dual-side design, you can use them on different surfaces. Use the fabric side to protect hardwood floors, and flip to the smooth side to glide on carpet. ($10;

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Bonus: Exercise Mat

As far as home gym equipment goes, one thing you're going to need for almost any workout is an exercise mat, and this one has more than 8,000 rave reviews on Amazon. Its double-sided, non-slip surface protects your body from the hard floor while also providing a sturdy base to stretch, crunch, lunge, and more. With its adjustable strap you can easily carry it to and from the studio, too. ($13, usually $18;

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