The Best Barre Equipment to Help You Tone Up at Home

Whether you have ballet experience or not, barre is an amazing way to break a sweat. If attending studio classes regularly is outside of your budget, we've come up with a list of everything you need to achieve a killer at-home barre workout.

Woman in leggings and sports bra holding plank position
Freestanding ballet barre with wooden rail from Amazon photo

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Freestanding Barre

If you're looking to create a true barre class experience at home, a freestanding ballet barre is a must: It helps strengthen the core and booty as well as tone inner thighs. For best results, hold a light grip on the barre to focus on boosting your balance and posture. We recommend downloading a fitness app or simply watching online workout videos to help guide your practice. ($150;

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Multi-color speckled print yoga mat from Nordstrom photo

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Yoga Mat

Set the tone for your workout (pun intended!) with this energetic yoga mat. Roll it out next to your studio barre and nail all your poses and stretches without slipping. Not only does this mat benefit your barre practice, it can be used for Pilates, Vinyasa yoga, ab exercises, and stretching. ($40;

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Mini blue exercise ball by ProBody Pilates from Amazon photo

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Exercise Ball

Sometimes it can be a challenge to target specific areas of your body you want to tone. By simply adding this mini exercise ball to your barre practice, you can incorporate effective movements that lead to big changes. The workout positions with a Pilates ball are endless, but our favorite full-body burner is placing it between your knees while in bridge pose and squeezing your thighs together—we're sweating just thinking about it! ($11;

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Set of 5 loop resistance bands by Letsfit from Amazon photo

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Resistance Loop Bands

Easy to use yet ridiculously impactful on the booty, these five resistance bands are crucial to a killer barre workout. This set features a range of strength levels so you can customize each workout to be as intense or gentle as you like. One reviewer says, "I started doing barre about six months ago, and since wondered how I could incorporate what I was learning in the classroom into my home," adding, "I truly feel like I get my best workout whenever I incorporate these bands into my routine." At under $7, these bands are just too good to pass up. ($7,

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Bright pink 3 lb dumbbell from Walmart photo

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Light Dumbbells

A pair of light dumbbells is one of the best ways to build strong, lean muscles. These vibrant pink weights enable you to switch up your routine from bodyweight exercises to toning arm movements, depending on which muscles you're targeting that day. With super affordable prices of just under $2 for a single two-pound weight and under $10 for 10 pounds, you can grab a few sets to push yourself during a variety of workouts. (from $2;

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Bright pink stability disc by Therapist's Choice from Amazon photo

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Stability Disc

A major focus in barre is improving balance, which is why we suggest adding this stability disc into your practice. This disc can be used in several ways, including placing one foot on the disc and holding a plié position for a leg burner and to intensify ab exercises. This small piece of equipment is a total game-changer for full-body workouts. ($14;

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Long exercise band for resistance training in blue from Amazon photo

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Long Resistance Band

You may be wondering why two resistance bands are featured on our list, but hear us out. This long exercise band is a great alternative to the resistance bands above because it can be used to help deepen stretches and for arm toning exercises on days you feel like skipping weights. You can even hang it over your freestanding barre for an extra challenge during lunges and chair pose. Plus, if you're someone who travels, this is a smart choice to pack for on-the-go workouts. ($7;

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