The Best Exercise Equipment for At-Home Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight workouts are increasing in popularity, and we can see why. The workouts require minimal exercise equipment while still allowing you to get a good sweat in. Plus, there's no gym membership required. While little equipment is needed, we've rounded up six great home-gym essentials that will help get you started.

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Anti-Burst Body Ball

No matter where you're at in your fitness journey an exercise ball is great for beginners and pros and can be used for a variety of workouts depending. Use this anti-burst exercise ball to help sculpt and strengthen your lower back, arms and shoulders, and abs. To help get you started, we recommend trying these ab exercises. Tip: Having guests over? Deflate the ball and put it in storage. When you're ready for your next workout simply pump the ball back up and you'll be good to go. ($13;

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Loop Resistance Bands

One of our favorite ways to get in a good bodyweight workout is by using resistance bands. These body bands range from an extra light resistance (the yellow band) to a more challenging extra heavy option (the red) and allow continual growth while your muscles grow stronger over time. Ideal for targeting the upper and lower body, we suggest putting a band around your thighs for lateral lunges or putting a band around your feet for glute kicks. Bonus: You can easily take these bands with you to the office (desk workout anyone?) or on vacation thanks to the included carrying bag. ($9, usually $16;

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Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

When it comes to bodyweight workouts we love exercise equipment that's multifunctional, like this affordable doorway trainer. Use this piece of equipment to work on your upper body when you W place it above a solid doorway for pull-ups or use it on the floor for push-ups and abs. The trainer has five gripping points and extremely thick padding to ensure a non-slip grip and ultimate comfort. ($27;

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TRX Suspension Training

Ideal for numerous bodyweight workouts (it can even be used for stretching), the TRX suspension training set is ready to give you a full-body workout in the comfort of your own home. The set comes with everything you need to begin your workout, including: the suspension training strap, indoor and outdoor anchors, a mesh carrying bag, and even two digital workouts. Your body will be challenged by gravity to take every workout to the next level by pushing your upper body, abs, glutes, legs, and more. ($100;

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Ab Exercise Wheel Roller

Take your workout virtually anywhere when you have an ab roller in your set of exercise equipment. The roller has a thick wheel to provide sturdiness during your workout as well as padded handles for grip comfort. This specific ab roller also comes with a knee pad and two ebooks to guide you during your workout. Push your muscles to the limit when you use this bodyweight workout tool. ($17, usually $35;

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The Step Original Aerobic Platform

This stepping platform is a great way to increase your heart rate and challenge different muscles for a full-body exercise. The step has multiple risers to increase the height and push your body for continual growth throughout your fitness journey. While this platform targets your glutes and leg muscles we recommend using some resistance bands to work the muscles in your arms while stepping. The stepper is also great for elevated push-ups and lunges. ($21, usually $30;

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