Foam Rollers and What the Heck To Use Them For

Take the pain out of your workouts with these recovery tips and tricks thanks to foam rollers.


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Beginner's Go-To

Foam rolling should be part of every workout routine. It is a simple, easy, and cheap way to give yourself deep-tissue massages, which in turn allow your muscles to heal and recover faster. If you have never rolled out your muscles on a foam roller, you'll want to start with a softer material. The less dense it is, the easier it will be on your muscles. Foam rolling shouldn't be painful, so proceed with caution when starting out. This soft molded foam roller is a great option for anyone who wants to roll out their muscles with less pressure. ($20;

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High-Density Roller

Step it up a notch with this high-density round foam roller. Try simple exercises like rolling out your sore quads after a workout. This roller helps increase blood flow before, during, and after workouts. You will be amazed at the improved mobility and circulation that you'll feel after using this roller. It's lightweight and easy to stash in the corner of your closet or home gym. With three different sizes to choose from, there's a foam roller for everyone. ($19;

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Massage Acupressure

Make sore muscles and giant knots in your body a thing of the past. If you're lathering on the Icy Hot hoping for a shred of relief, you need to rethink your recovery methods. Opt for an acupressure foam roller—it will literally knead the knots out of your body. The bumps and ridges on this type of roller mimic movements that a massage therapist would perform with their fingers. Roll away sore muscles with this powerful yet lightweight piece of equipment. ($50;

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Recovery Nike Style

This Nike foam roller is complete with textured surfaces to target stiff, tired muscles. Constructed with a hollow core, this lightweight roller will ensure that you experience a more intense recovery. The compact size of this foam roller makes it an ideal gym accessory to throw in your bag, or stash it in the car for when you need it the most. If you travel for work, foam roller exercises should be a no-brainer. Safely roll out your tight back muscles after a long day of driving and you'll feel instant relief. ($40;

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For the Deep-Tissue Massage

This vibrating foam roller takes recovery to a whole new level. Equipped with three different speeds, this roller is ideal for extreme muscle fatigue. The combination of vibration and compression will aid your body in myofascial release, helping to eliminate pain and restore motion. Warm up before your workouts with the mack daddy of foam rollers to perform your best and avoid injury. The roller is powered by lithium batteries, so you don't have to worry about regularly charging it no matter how often you use it. ($225;

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Myo-Roller for Spinal Alignment

Do you suffer from isolated or targeted pain? If you continuously experience pain in one area of your body, consider investing in a smaller foam roller to concentrate on specific areas of soreness. The unique H-shape of this foam roller is used to promote spinal alignment. Due to the compact size size, you can easily target pressure points to ease myofascial release. The textured bumps on the roller ensure comfort and stability while rolling out even the sorest of muscles. ($40;

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Trigger Point Foam Roller Kit

Maintaining an active lifestyle is wonderful, but don't let it wreak havoc on your body. When your muscles are active and being pushed to the limit, they will need to stretch and heal. Help aid in the process of recovery with this innovative kit complete with a grid foam roller and massage ball. The grid roller has three different patterns for varied intensity, and the massage ball is ideal for targeting pain in specific areas, like the ball of your foot. ($50;

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The Ultimate Sports Massage

If you suffer from upper back pain and regularly see a chiropractor to find relief, you need to implement this foam roller into your recovery regimen. The bumps on this foam roller are ideal for releasing pain in the upper back, calves, and quadriceps. Expect increased flexibility and blood flow for increased results and performance. You may be able to replace the ibuprofen with a healthier alternative approach to pain management. Consider all of the options and consult your doctor or physical therapist to figure out what will work best for your body. ($40;

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