Home Exercise Equipment to Strengthen Your Upper Body

Suns out, guns out. Kick off your summer with working out on killer exercise equipment that will strengthen your upper body just in time for the day at the pool.


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Lifecore Pro Rowing Machine

Experience a new type of arm workout that doesn't involve dumbbells. The Lifecore Pro Rowing Machine is the perfect exercise equipment for women who love sports and try to incorporate them in their daily activity. Row yourself to strong and sleek arms from a high-intensity workout, courtesy of this rower. You'll outdo yourself when you enjoy your workout, so try a new upper body exercise that will help you grow in both physical and mental toughness. ($1,199; fitdir.com)

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Resistance Band Exercise Equipment Set

You're about to feel the burn with this one! Push yourself with an intense, sweat-worthy arm workout with resistance bands. This band set comes with a wide range of resistance levels, allowing you to personalize your upper body workouts to your liking and strength. When you're ready for a challenge, up the resistance to the next level and feel your muscles getting toned and defined. Resistance bands are an effective, low-cost addition to that home gym of yours—just hook or step on the other end you're good to go. ($80; puritan.com)

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Gold's Gym Ab Wheel

Roll your way out to a toned upper body using Gold's Gym Ab Wheel. Despite its name, the ab wheel targets more than your core; you'll work out your arms, shoulders, and back, too. Oh yeah, you'll definitely be feeling it in the morning. This exercise equipment is great for busy people who struggle finding time to work out. Pull out the ab wheel and take 30 seconds every commercial break when you watch TV or in between episodes of your favorite Netflix series and sculpt some serious muscles. The ab wheel doesn't require much room to use, and it's a budget-friendly exercise piece to beef up your home gym. ($7; walmart.com)

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Everlast Everflex Cardio Bag Kit

When you come home from a long, stressful day at work, sometimes you need to find a way to release the stress. What better way than to have a punching bag in your very own gym? Channel that inner Ronda Rousey and achieve a full upper body workout that is badass on every level. Not only does boxing and kickboxing build up your coordination and endurance, but punching-bag exercises are also very good for your overall cardiovascular health. ($100; target.com)

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Perfect Pushup V2 Performance

How do you spice up your boring push-up? Add a little swivel to it. These swivel push-up bars increase the intensity of a push-up from a 0 to 100 real quick. The simple swivel action is enough to engage even more chest, shoulder, and back muscles than a standard push-up, so you can see better results in less time. Challenge yourself to improve your upper body with exercise equipment that transforms multiple muscle groups, leaving them looking toned and strong. Compact and easy to store, these push-up bars are convenient to use and will take your home gym up a notch. ($69; dickssportinggoods.com)

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Med Ball Tree Kit

Improve your posture and increase your strength by working out with medicine balls. If you're like me, doing the same workouts over and over can become boring and make exercising more of a chore than a pleasure. Switch up your arm workouts by doing various exercises with medicine balls. With so many exercises to choose from, these medicine balls will make boring workouts a thing of the past. Invite a friend over so you have a workout buddy to toss the ball around and achieve your fitness goals together. ($271; power-systems.com)

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12 lb Barbell Workout Bar

Having a home gym can be a challenge if you don't have a lot of space for it. Instead of a huge bench or large machines, the barbell can help you stay fit without a problem. The barbell workout bar can replace a lot of the machines you see at the gym thanks to its versatility. Pick the weight levels right for you and start working on strength and conditioning, balance and alignment, and even flexibility training. In addition to squats, bicep curls, and tricep reps, weighted workout bars can also be used for your circuit and interval, yoga, or Pilates classes. ($20; walmart.com)

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Pure Fitness 20 lb Weight Vest

For the women who like to push themselves to the limit and advance their abilities for workouts, this weight vest is perfect for you. Strap on the vest and increase the intensity with every upper body workout you perform. The training vest weighs 20 pounds on its own, but it has the capacity to hold up to 20 pounds of additional weight as you progress. You can even wear the vest for an early-morning jog thanks to the reflective strips. Test yourself and add new challenges to your regular fitness regimen—you got this. ($80; jet.com)

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