Small Exercise Equipment You Can Take Anywhere & Everywhere

There's no room for excuses, but there's sure to be room in your bag for this small exercise equipment. Check out these finds that'll be a perfect fit for your luggage or even your purse.

Black, gray and yellow resistance band. photo

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The 3-in-1 Workout

Whether you're just starting out or have achieved pro status, this 3-in-1 resistance band set will have you building up muscle in no time. The bands are color coded and labeled light, medium, and heavy so you'll know which band is right for your sweat sesh. If you're looking to take your fitness goals to a new level, we suggest using all three at once for 250 pounds of resistance—now that's an intense workout. ($20;

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Black ankle weights with the Fitness Gear logo on the side. photo

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One Step at a Time

With multiple uses, these 5-pound ankle weights are a must-have for anyone wanting to tone their body. Simply adjust the velcro straps to fit your legs and wear them as you head out to the airport or while running errands. You can also use these weights to increase the difficulty of your afternoon jog or cycling class so with each step you're sure to feel the progress. ($35;

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Blue exercise mat with black straps. photo

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Comfort is Key

Sometimes you won't always have the luxury of having a comfortable surface to do your workouts on. Luckily, that's where this exercise mat comes into play. No matter if you're outdoors or at the office you can use the mat as a cushion against hard floors, or to prevent slipping while doing yoga poses. When you're done, roll it back up and secure it with the black carrying strap so you can easily transport it along with other bags you might have. ($24;

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Black jump rope with foam handles. photo

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Hop Into Cardio Day

Who needs treadmills when you can hop right into cardio day with a jump rope? This valeo jump rope can be adjusted to fit your height so you don't need to be cautious about reaching your maximum speed because it is made of rubber to ensure it's sturdy enough to keep up with your routine. Bonus: Thanks to the foam handles you'll be able to have a comfortable yet firm grip. ($11;

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Blue and gray massage roller. photo

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Roll Out the Pain

There's no better way to end a workout than to stretch out your muscles. With a deep tissue massage roller you'll be able to leave the gym feeling refreshed and satisfied rather than feeling tight. It's also great for making sure you get hard-to-reach areas like your glutes or hamstrings—trust us, this is a piece of equipment you won't regret. The thin silhouette allows you to fit it in almost any bag so you won't have to go on a trip without it. ($22;

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A light blue 2 pound dumbbell. photo

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Fitness on the Go

Although most of us would like to have access to a gym where ever we go, that's not always possible. Instead, bring the gym with you so you never have to feel the guilt of skipping arm day. When packing for vacation put these 2-pound dumbbells in your backpack so you can enjoy your getaway while still achieving your fitness goals. Pro tip: We are all for going above and beyond, but we suggest 2-pound weights for travel to avoid your bag being too heavy. ($5;

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Black and pink five pound kettlebell. photo

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Killin' it with a Kettlebell

If you want a piece of equipment that's small, but can also work your entire body at once then you need a kettlebell. Unlike most machines, this weight is compact while strengthening your arms, legs, back, and chest at the same time. Since comfort is always a priority, it's made with soft fabrics instead of just metal. With the right exercises, this kettlebell will have you ready to show off your summer bod the next time you go to the beach. ($23;

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navy blue yoga strap with frog logo on the front. photo

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Reach Full Flexibility

Sitting at a desk all day can lead to tense muscles, so step away during your lunch break and get in your yoga sesh. The quick stretch will relax your body and clear your mind so you'll be ready to get back to work. We suggest finding a quiet area outside where you can lay out your exercise mat, and to increase flexibility give this yoga strap a try. With webbed cotton fabric it'll be easy to grip while the metal buckle makes adjustments a cinch. ($16;

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