This Yoga Practice Has Totally Changed My Fitness Routine

I've gained strength and confidence in my yoga practice thanks to the personalized, guided program through Daily Burn.

Why You Need Daily Burn in Your Life

I'm somewhat of a novice when it comes to yoga. I had practiced over a few months, but never in a professional studio (hello, expensive membership fees). I relied on flows and stretches I cobbled together with internet research, never quite sure if the movements I was making were correct or even good for my muscles and joints. Enter Daily Burn. It delivers the at-home convenience I love, with the added benefit of step-by-step instruction from an experienced yogi.

While the Daily Burn app features a ton of workouts in a variety of diverse programs (seriously, even just scrolling through the home feed made my eyes pop), I was focused on the Yoga Fundamentals workout program. I love the stretching benefits of yoga combined with its focus on mindfulness—it's my favorite way to unwind after a long day at work. Luckily, Daily Burn's resident yogi Briohny has exactly the calming, guiding voice you want in a yoga instructor. Her program progresses from mastering the basics to pushing yourself with more difficult flows later in your practice, but always at a manageable pace. She thoroughly explains each movement so I'm confident I'm getting it right, and the way she describes proper form is accessible even for a non-yoga-fluent audience (my boyfriend, who enthusiastically participates in the workouts, is especially a fan of Briohny's description of "Darth Vader," or ujjayi, breathing).

After only a few days of practicing Yoga Fundamentals, with one video workout per day, I felt stronger and more in control of my body. I was a tad sore the first few days, but it felt good knowing that my body was being lengthened and challenged just like Briohny said it would be. The workouts were challenging without a doubt, but were never more difficult than I could reasonably handle. Once I got the hang of one flow, I was ready to move onto the next. The yoga program also features built-in rest days, perfect for giving your body time to adjust to the workouts. They range from stretches, meditations, and other relaxing forms of self-care that I look forward to on off days.

All in all, I'm excited to continue working out with Daily Burn even after my trial is up. I love its workout progression, its vast variety of programs, and its engaging hosts like Briohny. It gives me the drive and the motivation to keep up my practice—and gives me confidence that I'm finally practicing right.

How Daily Burn Works

Download the Daily Burn app to start your free 30-day trial. It offers unlimited access to more than 1,000 workouts at a variety of fitness levels, types of exercise, and length of time. You can choose what workout you want to complete that day á la carte, or sign on to a program and have your next workout delivered to your homescreen each day. Fill out your Daily Burn profile so the app can tailor itself to your needs—if you're a moderate exerciser who wants to lose weight, it'll recommend a different program for you than, say, a person who rarely works out and just wants to get active. When you're ready to go, either play the workout on your phone, tablet, or laptop, or cast it to a TV using Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or any number of compatible streaming services and devices. Live chats with other Daily Burn members will help you stay motivated, plus you'll also receive fun, peppy emails from Daily Burn congratulating you on your hard work.

After your 30-day trial is up, a Daily Burn subscription costs only $19.95 per month—way less than most gym memberships.