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NativeRemedies YouthShield Naturals Hyaluronic Defense Moisturizer, 1 Oz

This supercharged, ultra-rich moisturizing cream was designed to rehydrate dry, thirsty skin and help minimize free radical damage . Moisturizers are used to regulate skin's water balance and strengthen the protective barrier to keep moisture in for glowing, ultra-soft skin. YouthShield Naturals Hyaluronic Defense Moisturizer contains key ingredients proven beneficial for dry skin, desiccation, flaking, and environmental irritation. The Hyaluronic Acid found in thisbeneficial for dry skin, desiccation, flaking, and environmental irritation. The Hyaluronic Acid found in this oil-free cream is lightweight and fast-absorbing. Hyaluronic Defense Moisturizer is safe for all skin types and especially helpful for dry skin. It should be used after cleansing and toning the skin. YouthShield Naturals is a premium skincare system containing Red Tea Extract and other high quality, effective ingredients carefully chosen to reveal fresh, glowing beautiful skin, no matter what your age. The sea, rich in its water-loving botanical agents like Brown Algae, is where we find the key to our unique moisture complex for smoother, well-hydrated skin. Our YouthShield Naturals Hyaluronic Defense Moisturizer is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for superior moisturizing effects and outstanding barrier reinforcement. Additionally, it minimizes environmental damage to preserve a healthy complexion. The Hyaluronic Defense Moisturizer contains ingredients to provide both hydration and protection. This formula combines two types of vitamin B-enriched marine algae, or Seaweed. These Seaweed Extracts inhibit the skin's natural inflammatory response for better moisture retention. Seaweed also protects skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays, and minimizes damage from potentially dangerous molecules known as free radicals. This cream replenishes your skin's moisture balance with Hyaluronic Acid. According to one scientist, Hyaluronic Acid is present in the outer layer of skin and plays an important role in skin hydration and elasticity. read more