Acacia Snowboard Binding - arbor


The Arbor Acacia SnowBoard Binding is a SnowBoard binding for all levels. Designed for riding all types of terrain in comfort without sacrificing any Performance. Comfort starts at the footplate, which reduces shock. The pre-curved ankle strap secures boots in place, without hugging too tight. The straps even stay out of the way during step-in. Asymmetrical High backs offer stability and Performance. Features of the Arbor Acacia SnowBoard Binding 2.5? Canted Footbed ? For a more natural foot / knee position, the built-in angle of the baseplate fights fatigue and bad form Adjustable EVA Footbed Lightweight Single Mold Baseplate Women's Specific Asymmetrical Highbacks Bow-Strap Adjuster Textured Stretch Single Durometer Ankle Strap Toolless Ankle and Toe Strap Adjustments Snapback Aluminum Ankle and Toe Ratchets Universal 4x4 Disc