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Beznaka Audio Cable Gold Plated for Guitar Headphones Amp, Female Stereo Jack Adapter - 6.5mm(1/4 inch) Revolution to 3.5mm(1/8 inch) Female.

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Beznaka Audio Cable Plated for Guitar Headphones Amp Female Stereo Jack Adapter 1 4 inch Revolution to 1 8 inch Female - jpweb
Not Available


?PLUG PLAY: The 360-degree grip facilitates easy insertion and removal, plug and play, compact size and convenient carrying, and will not take up more space for you. REDUCE NOISE: After using the audio adapter, the headphones of the home computer can be used on the keyboard. This way you will not affect others. GOLD-PLATING DESIGN: Using oxygen-free copper gold-plated material, it has strong anti-interference performance, anti-corrosion and ensures minimal signal loss. Compared with plastic, the service life is longer. WIDELY USAGE RANGE: The audio adapter is used to convert the audio signal input interface, which can convert the large 6.35mm jack of the power amplifier, electric sound box, electronic organ, etc. into the small 3.5mm jack. GUARANTEE FOR YOU: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or the product is damaged in transit, broken, please contact us promptly. We will solve your problem promptly.