Body Wash Moisturizer Aloe Vera and Macadamia Vitamin E - so lvly


A pleaseant experience: Enjoy its moisturizer and refresher body wash efects thanks to its unique blend of vitamin e, aloe vera gel and macadamia oil extract. An excellent moisturizer for dry skin and delicate skin, Eases the road for body scrub, body exfoliator and body lotion. Enjoy its unique blend: Our moisturizing body skin care products have a balanced mixture of ingredients, this makes so lvly skincare body moisturizer skin care products the ultimate not tinted moisturizer comparable to korean skin care wash with out the oily skin. Super fast absorption formula. All natural ingredients: so lvly skincare set is formulated with natural ingredients, gentle mineral oil and body tool to decrease those aging lines, acne spots generated by daily sun exposore. Easy fit in your beauty products bag. Must have skin care set essential. Part of your daily glow recipe. Your skin needs restoration: Experience the multiple benefits of lvly skincare contact solution alike its nourishing, moisturizing, and soothing skincare effects. The absolute mineral oil cream combination alike for your skin. Prepare the body for other skincare product. Ideal for skin types: Paraben and alcohol free Include as part of your skincare day routine for optimal results. Our products are delivered in a protective bag, ensuring an easier and safer handling. Not the ordinary skin care products. A must in your beauty & personal care travel kit.