Camera Ready Shadow Paddle - smashbox
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Smashbox's versatile, diamond-shaped silicone eye shadow applicator mimics your fingertips to press on a smooth and even layer of shadow--even at the hard-to-reach inner eye corners. Use the Camera Ready Shadow Paddle with Smashbox's Cover Shot Eye Palettes (not included), cream or gel eye shadows, or eye glosses. The paddle won't absorb or waste product and is easy to clean. How do I use it: Use the paddle to gently apply your favorite under-eye primers and eye creams. You can even use it to scoop out product at the bottom of jars. With Smashbox's Cover Shot Eye Palettes (not included), use the paddle to pick up the product. Pat shadow onto the lid and wiggle to break pigments. Blend. With other shadows, apply product directly to lid with the paddle. Pat or sweep to blend. Clean with mild soap and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat dry and store. From Smashbox. Includes: