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Kerstin Florian Clarifying Mineral Enzyme Cleanser 6.8 fl. oz

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Clarifying Mineral Enzyme Cleanser 8 fl oz - kerstin florian
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Skin-healthy minerals, enzymes and botanicals in this refreshing, clean-rinsing formula naturally remove impurities, balance moisture levels and boost cell respiration for improved skin function and texture. Rich in Minerals, Fruit Enzymes & Organic Kelp Free from Parabens, SLS, Synthetic Fragrance & Color Ingredient highlights: Fruit Enzymes – mango & papaya enzymes encourage cell turnover & refine texture Organic Kelp Extract – its high macro- & micronutrient content naturally nourishes, detoxifies & oxygenates Mineral Complex – copper, manganese & zinc improve elasticity & clarity while combatting inflammation Botanical Extract Complex – sea lettuce, spirulina & triphala support immune response & regulate oil production