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Clean Eating: Lose Weight With 172 Recipes That Are Delicious & Easy to Make (SMASH Food Cravings & Enjoy Eating Healthy) Olivia Rogers Author

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Clean Eating Lose Weight With 172 Recipes That Are Delicious & Easy to Make SMASH Food Cravings & Enjoy Eating Healthy Olivia Rogers Author - ashton jude pereira
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The MOST Important Factor For Weight Loss is Your DIET! Enjoy Eating Healthy & Finally See RESULTS With This MASSIVE List of Healthy Recipes! What if you could finally succeed with your weight loss by sticking to your diet and seeing real results? Imagine how great you will feel (AND LOOK) in 3 months after eating healthy and losing those extra pounds! Multi-time best selling cooking author and influencer, Olivia Rogers, shares with you a massive list of delicious healthy recipes that will help you lose weight and improve your health! With millions of her fans and readers worldwide enjoying her cookbooks and recipes, Olivia has put together some of her fan favorites in this book - with the most delicious list of healthy recipes that are both quick and easy to make. This is the #1 "clean eating" book, that you MUST have! Do you hate the up and down cycle of dieting and never seeing real results? Do you wish you had a comprehensive cookbook that you can always refer to for a quick & tasty healthy meal? Or if the idea of finally losing weight, improving your health, and having more energy sounds good to you... THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! In this book, you will get: Images included with all of the recipes, so you can see exactly what the final meal looks like before you cook it! A massive list of popular healthy recipes that taste great and won't keep you in the kitchen for hours. A comprehensive step-by-step method so that anyone can follow along and cook each recipe (even if they are a complete beginner). Olivia's personal email address for unlimited customer support if you have any questions And much, much more... Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!