Cluster and Multicolored Stretch Bracelet Silver Tone - napier
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Blue Bracelet: Add a touch of color to your outfit with our intricately designed blue bracelet; The silver and multicolored blue crystals give it an elegant look; It comes in a box making it a great gift Napier Signature Jewelry: We create classic jewelry for the modern American woman; Tailored with an eye for on trend color, we offer traditional metal styling in polished or textured finishes Jewelry For Modern Women: Versatility is at the core of our philosophy; Find your inspiration with our line of high fashion earrings, from gold to silver to pearl, from classic hoops to crystal studs Head To Toe Sophistication: Our earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are designed to complement head to toe dressing with sophisticated silhouettes that can allow you to go from desk to dinner in style The Look And Feel Of Luxury: The Napier brand appeals to the modern woman with collections that are clean and polished, carrying on our heritage with designs that convey the look and feel of luxury