CM99 Cellulite ReleaZer Compact Helps Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite Cellulite Massager Waterproof Massager Roller Cellulite Blast Treatment 1 Count - beurer
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BOOST CONFIDENCE: The CM99 helps to tighten the deep tissue. With 2 massage programs, the Cellulite ReleaZer Compact reaches deeper areas in your body that might be harder to trigger with diet & exercise. 3 LEVELS: In addition to the two massage settings, there are 3 intensity levels. The Cellulite ReleaZer Compact gives you options to regulate how much pressure you want to apply. NON-SLIP: The Cellulite ReleaZer Compact comes with non-slip grips and a soft-touch surface to better ensure a quality experience. WATERPROOF: Take it anywhere you want in your bathroom- the Cellulite ReleaZer Compact can be used in the shower, and can be part of your new daily routine. SWITCH-OFF: The Cellulite ReleaZer Compact includes an automatic switch-off setting after 15 minutes, in order to save power and life in your device. The CM99 has a battery life up to 10 hours. WE'RE HERE FOR YOU: Our friendly Florida based team is happy to assist you with whatever questions and support you may need. That's right, our customer service is located right here in the USA!