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The last two decades have witnessed a sudden rise in people with cases pertaining to high blood sugars. In fact, the number of people just doubled during this time with even the young people attracting to the disease. With so many people failing to control blood pressure, it is safe to say that our millennial lifestyle has played a great role in making t such a worrisome signal.To counter the same, the United States Department of Health and Human Services has promoted the DASH diet, an effective way to counter hypertension among people. The Dash diet is a result of scientists' carefully studying the various food items that will help the peoples to control the shooting of blood pressure levels.To ensure that following the Dash diet does not become cumbersome and monotonous, here is the Dash Diet cookbook that has been made keeping in mind the accredited foods that help lower blood pressure. The recipes mentioned in this Dash Diet cookbook will keep you stay in track with a healthy lifestyle. You will not only witness the gradual decline in blood pressure but also enjoy the process by dwelling on recipes that are simple to cook and taste great at the same time.This Dash diet for beginners' book has a detailed 21-day meal plan that includes Dash Diet breakfast, Dash Diet lunch and Dash Diet dinner recipes. With the help of this Dash Diet cookbook, you will never be left out just because of rising blood pressure. Enjoy the recipes and make most of the healthy eating. With this book by your side, no two days will ever be shamefully monstrous, never again. Eat healthy, stay healthy.