Do Nothing Jacket Also in M L 2XL S - tango hotel


Brandalised Banksy\'s Graffiti Do Nothing Limited Edition Jacket. Monkeys are a recurring motif in Banksy's subversive street art. Monkeys can be found listening to music, representing Congress, or preparing to detonate a bomb. Banksy has used monkeys to portray both esteemed and everyday people, drawing connections between humans and monkeys. Banksy also focuses his subject matter on rats, police, and kids. Banksy presents these characters in ironic juxtapositions, as a critique of power, corruption, and consumerism. All photographs are owned/licensed by Full Colour Black Ltd and may not be reproduced in any way. This product is not associated with Banksy. All street photographs have been licensed from independent photographers throughout the world or have been recreated using design tools. Banksy does not endorse apparel or print photo canvases or paint commissions or sell freshly baked bagels.