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Ear Hook Bluetooth Wireless Headphone, Non Ear Plug Headset with Microphone, Single Ear Noise Cancelling Earphones Painless Wearing with Earbuds Case.

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Ear Hook Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Non Ear Plug Headset with Microphone Single Ear Noise Cancelling Earphones Painless Wearing with Earbuds Case - fairywill
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ã? NOTEã??:Switch between Chinese and English: press the power on button when red and blue lights cross flashingdouble click the power on button. First use of connection: Long press the power button for more than 5 secondsuntil the blue and red lights flash alternately. It works very well and connects easily the first time and then every time after it connects automatically. Ear-hook design not in-ear free from eardrum damage. Instead of bone conduction headphones no need to vibrate ear bones more comfortable and very light painless wearing and not irritate your ear. in long time use latest concept ergonomics design fully fit outside the auricle. The left or right ear can be worn. The Bluetooth headset can also match most Bluetooth devices. Within 10 meters you can enjoy music and the signal connection is stable. Compatible IOS android wp system as long as the devices have Bluetooth it can be used.