Fluidity Full Coverage Concealer - morphe
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Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer - Show blemishes, imperfections, and under-eye circles who's the boss with this long-wearing, full-coverage Fluidity Concealer from Morphe. This long-wearing, multi-tasking soft matte formula can conceal, brighten, and contour like nobody's business.Benefits:16-hour-long wearSweatproof, transfer-resistant, water-resistantFree of fragrance and parabensOphthalmologist testedShades:C0.00 (aka white concealer)Level 1: LightC1.15 (Cool: fairest with pink undertones)C1.25 (Neutral: fair with neutral undertones)C1.35 (Neutral: fair with slightly yellow undertones)C1.45 (Cool: light with pink undertones)C1.55 (Neutral: light with neutral undertones)C1.65 (Neutral: light with slightly peach undertones)Level 2: MediumC2.15 (Neutral: light medium with slightly peach undertones)C2.25 (Neutral: light medium with slightly golden undertones)C2.35 (Warm: medium with yellow undertones)C2.45 (Cool: medium with pink undertones)C2.55 (Neutral: medium with slightly peach undertones)C2.65 (Warm: medium with golden undertones)Level 3: TanC3.15 (Neutral: medium with neutral undertones)C3.25 (Warm: medium tan with golden undertones)C3.35 (Neutral: medium tan with peach undertones)C3.45 (Neutral: tan with slightly peach undertonesC3.55 (Warm: tan with golden undertones)C3.65 (Cool: deep tan with slightly red undertones)Level 4: RichC4.15 (Neutral: deep tan with neutral undertones)C4.25 (Warm: deep tan with rich golden undertones)C4.35 (Neutral: rich with golden undertones)C4.45 (Neutral: rich with peach undertones)C4.55 (Cool: rich with red undertones)C4.65 (Neutral: rich with slightly red undertones)Level 5: DeepC5.15 (Neutral: deep with neutral undertones)C5.25 (Warm: deep with peach undertones)C5.35 (Cool: deep with slightly peach undertones)C5.45 (Warm: deep with rich red undertones)C5.55 (Neutral: deepest with neutral undertones)C5.65 (Cool: deepest with red undertones) - Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer